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  1. Hi, I can't find an option nor a filter setting to find every note that has been shared - either with a public link or a specific user. Alternatively it would be great to find notes that are shared with specific users, even if they are not shared via the work chat feature. Regards, Mela
  2. The main thing that suckes on evernote is seriously the often neglected 'merge' feature. Isn't it so unthinkable for the team that you might easily want to merge two or more notes into one without cut & paste or having to move around images? Do they even use their own product on a regular basis? Well, my main question is: will the new web GUI get merge back? Mela
  3. No. It does not. This skill is only available for users in the US and UK. Evernote has an international user base.
  4. Once it was possible to merge notes on the web interface. This feature was remove to be never replace. Since then people without Windows or Mac are forced to clutter their notebooks with single notes when using the import features from device photos or apps like Whitelines. Bring the feature back to the web interface.
  5. This is long overdue. Especially when you are able to import fotos into evernote and then you are not able to merge notes, but stuck with a plethora of single image notes.
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