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  1. ahhh, disappointing, I would really like something finer-grained.Maybe by the time I've got my current projects completed, the iPad client will include native ink. (err, that would be completed my current projects and the vast domestic chores backlogged by the interruption for the Evernote competion :? ). Otherwise, I'll have a go at it myself. You can also upload the notebook as a series of individual jpeg pages.
  2. They both will upload an entire notebook as a PDF, so at that point, the way it's handled in EN is the same. I find the user interface with noteshelf to be a bit more pleasant. However, Note Take Hd allows keyboard input, which I used for section and topic headings to make OCR a little more reliable. Both ink about the same. Toss-up: whichever one feels best to you.
  3. Thanks. By "transfer" into RTM and calendar, do you mean keying in the information?
  4. This may be more of a GTD topic. I work in management in a large organization. I've moved to an iPad so I don't have to carry around so many papers and references. More importantly, I love using it in handwriting mode as an electronic yellow pad. I find that typing during meetings is often seen as not paying attention. Handwriting seems more socially acceptable. I use either Noteshelf or Note Taker HD, both of which allow instant uploading of either a single page or a whole notebook to Evernote. That let's me have my "yellow pad" available anywhere. My handwriting is sort of good enough for EN
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