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  1. Version I've had it at least ten years. Still does what I need to do. Dick
  2. This is what my EN version looks like. Note the list of "categories" on the left. I think maybe we are too far out of synch to communicate. Thanks anyway. Dick
  3. I think we are talking about radically different versions of EN. I'm using a very old simple PC application that lets you organize notes by category. Down the left of the screen is a category list. Notes can be organized by category. I don't know anything about tags. Dick
  4. I don't know what you mean by "tags". Also, I'm not using it through a web browser. It's just an app on my PC desktop.
  5. I tried to create a new subcategory and EN said it already existed but I've scanned my list of categories a dozen times and can't find an existing category by that name. Is there any way to do a search on the category name? Some other way to find it? I'm using Version on Windows 7. Dick Evans
  6. I'm migrating Evernote to a new computer. How do I migrate my existing notes? Dick Evans
  7. I'd like to add one more voice in support of user-created templates. I would love to see To-Do lists, shopping lists, etc. pre-populated with standard items. Richard Evans
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