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  1. Every time I go to use the annotate PDF feature it crashes on me. I would say how long it takes before crashing but it's different all the time, sometime I'll be using it for 15 minutes and then it'll crash, other times it's less than 5 minutes. I use this app on my mac to annotate slides my professor uploads while he's speaking and use it quite a lot, but it's frustrating when it shuts down and I lose all that I have written on the pdf as a result of the app crashing and not saving anything. I try saving what I have but when it crashes it deletes all of my work. I sent error reports to Evernote but they never got back to me. Has this been happening to anyone? Also, is there a way to save annotated pdfs without exiting out the screen? I find that I lose time by exiting out of the pdf to save it, opening it back up, and finding the slide that I was on..
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