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  1. How many power users does it take to get a feature developed? Links within notes would take you 1 - 2 weeks (one sprint). Its also a feature all of your major competitors have. I think you need to look at your voice of the customer feedback a little more seriously. Evernote is supposedly known for its design thinking methodologies. But clearly this is not the case. Its been 6 years and hundreds of customers requesting this feature. Its time to start listening or start losing.
  2. Thanks for your feedback! I've already upvoted this over a year ago. Not sure why, since it doesn't appear that these power user requests are being prioritized. -- Yes, Apple pages and Google Docs and Microsoft Word are all good solutions, but you need to go to a new application. We pay more for Evernote than all 3 of those above put together. This should be a feature that Evernote has. Its very easy to do and would take minimal development work. Anyway, if this feature doesn't come by the end of my annual sub I will be moving off Evernote completely. Google Docs is now 100% up to speed with the ease of access to docs, and mobile friendliness. Plus has 1000x more features. I've been looking for reasons to stay on Evernote as I've been a user since the beginning. Without this simple feature its a no brainer.
  3. This does not work and is not a good workaround. Clicking through multiple windows and managing your 'note' through multiple 'notes' makes no sense at all.
  4. Dude, stop making excuses for poor feature development. Evernote is not listening to users. This feature is the second most requested feature and has been requested for over 6 years. Jump anchors are not only web page feature (maybe in 2014). They are a document management feature. Evernote is a document tool. Without this simple aspect, the note taking capability is severely limited. For example I find myself using evernote to do academic paper writing. I need to link to other areas of the same note to cross-reference ideas, and synthesize information better. Evernote is not capable of something so simple. So I move the note to docs and voila. Google docs has had this feature for 5+ years. The same amount of time that this feature has been requested on Evernote. If a product manager was listening, and actually investigated this use case requested by hundreds of users, this may already be part of the program. Clearly they are not listening.
  5. Couldn't agree more. This feature has been requested since 2014. 6 YEARS! This feature could literally be added in 1-2 weeks of work from one of their teams. Absolutely pathetic that this application does not have linking within notes available. So simple but fundamental to research, writing, content management, and hundreds of other uses.
  6. Why isn't this a thing yet? Pretty sad that this company clearly not listening to users. Google docs have had this ability for years. If Evernote doesn't add this simple but essential note taking / document management feature, I am moving entirely to Google.
  7. Bring this idea to life please. I've been an evernote user since the application launched. This seems like a simple a logical idea. Keep the development of evernote moving forward by bringing this essential digital note taking feature.
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