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  1. Thanks...looks like Evernote can be private, but it can't sync privately/securely with other devices. Yes but we can make it harder or at least not so easily to be accessed let's say via request to Evernote from goverment. https://www.privacytools.io/#notebook Open-source, encrypted and made not to be tied with an organization. Made from a man who didn't like the new Evernote pricing model... I want it because of being open-sorce and because I want to use Linux(I know I can use Evernote, but still...).
  2. Is it possible to use Evernote app and store everything there, so the information stays only on my computer and Evernote corporation or any other ogranisation won't be able to read or use my notes? Also if it's totally fine to do that how can I use the Web Clipper to store only on desktop app and not on the web. Is it possible to sync Desktop and Phone apps using End-to-end encryption via Nextcloud or Dropbox. And all in all can I be sure that I will have privacy level of Evernote to be like Joplin?
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