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  1. (Second post!) I concur. As a newbie I searched for this ability only to find it does not exist. I copied in an Excel spreadsheet that had the correct row height but found EN made the rows way too high. OneNote copied it in correctly. I found that OneNote does not allow the adjustment of row height either.
  2. My first post here so please be gentle. I have just started trying out EverNote. Right now I use OneNote to track my workout sessions at the gym. I use a simple table. I enter the weight x reps for each day's exercise. (The D and E refers to warmups: StairMaster, elliptical, etc). Oh, and I insert rows at the top so that the most recent results are close to the column headings. Occasionally I copy the table to an Excel spreadsheet on the computer where it is backed up. I guess I can do the same thing with EN. Or is there a better way?
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