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  1. How do I recover an older version of a note? The note I was copying got messed up, so I want to recover an older version. I have attempted to copy and paste from the note's history however that just creates empty boxes in a new note.
  2. To preface, I understand I really should stop using Evernote. It's a very ***** system. But I paid for the yearly premium and I hate wasting that money. Somehow a note I was using got messed up. There is a whole chunk of images and gifs and text missing. I went into the online version and brought up the note history and an older version of the note. However, I cannot move the data from the older version to a new note.-- 1: if I try to use the web app it says there has been an error and it needs to reload. 2: If I put it in another program, such as word and then copy and paste, it just shows up as a series of empty boxes. I have an up-to-date Apple Macbook and iPhone.
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