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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. Warm regards Lorraine
  2. Hello again, I had to smile when you mentioned two notebooks from the same name. I hold a Phd and a writing dyslexia - Only I can have two notebooks of the same name. I image when I plunged into Evernote I was working with a name, such as Jones on a given day time passed and then I research the name again and hence the double entry. Thank you for taking the time in answering my questions. On your second reply - I did as you suggested however, my drop down list said instead of Add to stack - firstly it instructed me to Remove from stack - after I did that up it came up your comment Add to
  3. Thank you, yes I have done that many times. If I have two notebooks - say of the same name, and I want to move one on top of the other and make a stack of that name. I find that the second name won't drag and drop on to the first. Any other ideas that perhaps gets glossed over in the narrative? Cheers Lorraine
  4. Hi all, I have watched You tube on creating stacks and while it should be a drag and drop easy peasy it is not. Then I thought that there must be a knack to this procedure?? Still a problem - can anyone assist me with this matter?
  5. When I open Evernote program I find that it does not open automatically to the home page. This is important as when I am using the tutorials I need the home page to open so I can begin with the right page. I am a Mac user. The second question is how do I file my note books and stacks alphetically for easy retrieval ? Any support would be appreciated. Lorraine
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