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  1. I understand this could cause some unwanted destructive changes. Of course this doesn't have to be the default behavior. An option in settings menu could be useful. Or at leats a button can be added to discard? modal box.
  2. Hi. I don't think sync is the issue. I want to save the note I changed when I pressed to back button. Currently if you want to save the note we need to click tick icon on the top left of the screen. Which is hard to press when taking quick notes. This is not a sync issue because if I click top left tick icon it works perfectly. I just need to use this functionaly from back button.
  3. Hi. Is it possible to autosave when clicked back button while editing a note. Most software supports this and I think it is fundemantal. I have a quick ideas note which I edit a lot like every 5 minutes, it is hard to tap on top left side of the phone while using with only right hand. I need to disable this popup and save automaticly.
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