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  1. Ok.. Voice recording already in Evernote, at least an option for us to choose quality of it, a little higher, it is very noisy and terrible. Please test it yourself; it is like broken mic.
  2. I do not understand; I am suggesting nice features for all us and people asking me to use other stuff. I guess after iFan boys, now iEvernote fans born. Just watch and see how Notion will conquer the Evernote in 1-2 years, I love Evernote, still main note app, however it has lots of room to be improved.
  3. I am 10 years of Mac/iPhone/iPad user already. also been using Evernote since its born with premium membership. You do not understand, OneNote and Notion being developed amazingly in last 12 months, they bringing all the features I said. I love Evernote, all my workflow in Evernote, I do not wish to skip it. But I need it to be more feature rich.. Plus using Evernote on mobile devices is still horrible experience, I used Notion in my iPhone and iPad; it is an amazing experience. But Evernote, feels frustration. Plus: I also have professional mic, but sound quality is still horrible when E
  4. Well, it is almost 2020; I see amazing apps out there like NotedApp, JustPressRecord and Notion. Evernote is the biggest note app for me for years with premium subs. We need these; 1. Voice recording quality terrible, it should give us options to choose like Low/Mid/High quality with also Noise Reduction feature 2. Speech To Text feature, I see that all Mac and iOS apps started to provide this feature; I want my speech to recorded as highest and the most clean quality audio possible and turn into text in my notes, so important for me. I want to go a seminar and lecture, and
  5. I have been premium subscriber for years with Evernote. It is NOTE APP but without proper grammar check and grammar suggestions. Please either develop this feature or integrate Grammarly into Evernote Desktop app. It is almost 2020, wee need this. Thanks.
  6. Evernote has great sort options for ordering/sorting notes. However most of times, I need to put my notes to a specific order, then I have to put number before note names, and it becomes messy. It could be great to create our notes order by kind of indexing them. Name, Date, Updated Date, etc.. great by never cover my needs. I believe there are many people out there share same problem. 1. Note Name 2. Note Name 3. Note Name
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