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  1. To put things in perspective, cold starting the Evernote app on my iPad Mini 5 (A12) takes 4sec+ from launch to current note being displayed, more or less the same to create a new note. Running on the same hardware, Bear app cold starts to display current note almost immediately, and you can start writing a new note well under a second. For a mobile note taking app speed matters, a lot. It's extremely enervating that Apple and others pour immense resources into creating faster and more power efficient devices, just to have those gains squandered by app developers. Personally, I will
  2. If there is someone from Evernote actually paying attention: I discovered today that I have no longer settings on the Mac app. How you dare pushing an ALPHA level app? We, users, are using this to get things done. We don't have time for this. I'm really done, cancelling my subscription right now.
  3. I find really surprising that someone though that was acceptable to release the new major version in this state. I use an iPhone XS and an iPad Mini 5, both are powered by the A12 processor that absolutely breezes through every app, other than Evernote. Also use Mac computers that had no issue with the old app. I use Evernote a lot, and the the current state of the app really annoys me throughout the day. The saddest thing was that the only thing I wanted was the old app to be faster, but here we are. Sorry, but I can’t possible renew if this doesn’t get sorted. Speed is core functio
  4. Same here, also on IT, the styling is a complete pain. As many people probably do, I have a lot of code snippets, console outputs bits, etc. This makes me wonder if Evernote engineers are actually using the product themselves.
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