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  1. Yes, and if you enter your email it creates a new account. If you enter your username, it opens your existing account.
  2. Well that's just ***** UX design then. My email address is known - is associated with my profile and billing info - it's just not my username. If they only want one box to serve as both a login and a signup, it should be linked to your full profile or indicate that you can enter email or username.
  3. No. I logged out and reinstalled the app and tried logging back in on this screen but because it created a new account with my email last time it just sends me to that new blank account. To get to my full account I have to enter my username, which is not my email. I'm not able to get the interim screen where it created the new account anymore.
  4. I run v8.17.3 on my ipad on iOS 12.1.4. I had to log out of my account and when I went to log back in the welcome screen gives you only two options: Login with Google [Google button] or Create New Account [text box with 'email' greyed out]. If you enter an email into the box, it sends you to the create new account screen and so I apparently have two accounts linked to the same email address now. If you enter your username in the box, it sends you to the regular email login page and you can link to your existing account. But there is no link to login using anything but Google on the home page and you'd have no idea you should enter your username into the text box marked 'email' unless you're just hacking at the fields to try and access your account.
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