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  1. Bullet formatting is and has always been complete garbage for me in browser-based evernote. Bulleted lists constantly break for me, especially when switching between my phone, desktop, and browser-based evernote. The worst thing is that it's not even fixable -- once my bullets break, I sometimes can't even figure out how to unbreak them. I trust Evernote with my important thoughts, and I end up hand-typing the notes out of Evernote to undo the formatting nightmare that it has unleashed upon my work. I want to like Evernote, I really do. I just don't know if anyone that works at Evernote uses it. It's almost unusable, especially if I have any nesting of my bullets. There's nothing like spending a week to prepare interview notes, then an hour before the interview, my complex, nested note becomes unreadable, unusable bullet soup -- then Evernote asks me to upgrade to a paid account! At least it's good for a laugh.
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