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  1. Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate I've been using evernote for a couple of years now and my data is getting larger by the day and I prefer to have all my data available for offline browsing. Evernote belive it or not there are still lots of locations in the UK that still do not have reliable data connections wifi or via your mobile phone provider. I've asked for the sdcard feature so many times and I get told the same reply "this will be forwarded to the development team"
  2. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox After I upgraded by phone to Galaxy Note 9, the Evernote app in the phone is not working. I am not able to login. The error message says : Login Error You cannot sign in at the moment. This is likely cause by a bad connection to the internet" I have checked, the internet connection is fine. I am able to connect to internet from other apps, and this issue is not one time, I am not able to connect more than one month. I am able to login through my laptop to Evernote. Please let me know if anybody knows the solution for this.  I have already written to the developer contact, but did not receive any response. Regards.
  3. Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate I use a whiteboard to write down my workouts for the day, but this works just as well on a piece of paper. Snap a picture of the workout you have completed/written down and put it in evernote. The Evernote app also has a “Page Camera” option that is supposed to optimize taking pictures of text. If you are using the iPhone (not sure how this works on Droid phones) there is not a way to change your picture size or quality with the stock camera app. This presents a problem because the iPhone 4s and 5 has an 8 megapixel camera and the files are rather large. The free version of Evernote only allows 60MB of free upload space per month. You could only upload about a dozen or so pics with the iPhone before you were over your limit…not good.
  4. Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher Go to File, then select Options. Choose Save & Backup on the left of the window that opens. At the top of this window there should be a Save section and you will see Quick Notes Section. Backup Folder and Default Notebook Location and the location. Change Quick Notes Section to another existing section in your OneNote.
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