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  1. Hello dconnect & all, I need some help with this issue please if you don't mind... I've moved all of my directory files to another drive in my computer at home yesterday. C+P then re-C+P to a new drive. This morning I can't open Evernote app on my desktop at all and get this dialogue box saying - please see attached files. I think it's because the local file was saved to a location that is no longer available. I have found the files and moved them into Evernote 😄 Drive directory but no go. I can't even open Evernote on my desktop to enable me to reset the destination for the local files. I'm not going to mess with it anymore as I don't want to complicate things further and I'm sure there is a relatively easy answer to rectify this. I know nothing tho...if you require any further information from me then please ask away. I do know that all of my notes/notebooks are saved on the Web version.
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