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  1. I have to switch between the 2 web interfaces because the old web interface does not allow highlight or copy paste of images from other applications Which is standard functionality in other Evernote clients like android and the new web interface It's interesting that the new interface has new features but still does not support core functionality after having been active now for several months
  2. Does anybody else miss the ability to manage reminders in the new Evernote web? Background Ever since the new Evernote Web was released last year - I noticed that it has not been possible to see/set/update reminders on notes This is such a fundamental feature of Evernote and I am shocked that they missed porting this feature to the new Evernote Web I provided this feedback as part of the beta testing/trial several times to Evernote but till today this feature has not been added to the new Evernote Web Because of this limitation I constantly find myself switching
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