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  1. We do but call it what you will, we're clearly asking for a feature here, and being able to see most of our 'working notes', while automatically hiding from that list old, outdated, or irrelevant notes. I can't achieve this through tagging, and I don't think there are saved search options in the left list are there? I expect better empathy from a product owner, frankly, rather than just a criticism of naming. You're clearly missing a feature here based on the number of people asking for things like it (including notebook searching).
  2. This isn't quite the same thing, although this might be a useful feature too for older items. It wouldn't achieve quite the same outcome for me.
  3. I would find this extremely useful. Things like notebooks full of receipts or paperwork are not my 'working' notes, that I am currently working with. As such, not having my All Notes list full of receipts when I finally get around to doing some accounts (for example) would be extremely useful. Also having the ability to hide individual notes from the list (like a password note, or a security note) would be great. If I want those notes, I can navigate to them via search or via a specific notebook.
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