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  1. When creating notes with very long pages, having a summary that allows you to jump from one paragraph to another paragraph within the same note is very useful. One of the few good things I had in Onenote. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to create a summary page that refers to a single note instead of multiple notes?
  2. In addition to the reported case, the suspicious behavior occurred for two more times , on Google Play. On other sites I have not see anything like this. The second case presents the following differences: On the web client the upper half of the image is differ from the original but does not show the icons of my disks. On the Windows client the result is the same as the reported. The third case that i saw is the result of a test performed before writing this response. Differences found in case n3 On the Evernote web client the result is what one expect, that is, the
  3. Thank you, what details do you consider missing? Unfortunately, even Evernote's support says they do not understand, yet, despite English is not my mother tongue, what I write should be understandable. However, I repeat the question. If you make a capture of a web page is the result created by Evernote incorporates sensitive information of your pc, you would not ask questions? Icons accompanied by identifying strings should not appear in the screenshot generated by Evernte. See supporting image. Available
  4. this silence is worth a lot more than 1000 words
  5. After making an acquisition through Evernote Web Clipper, I found an unexpected result. I enclose screenshots from which you see the source page and the output to Evernote. My system has 2 units encrypted with BitLocker. Cheers PS: I could be stupid, but the software on this forum is pitiful. After attaching the image I realized that I had left sensitive information. I deleted the image, I deleted the post, but the quota for attachments has not been restored. Adding the link did not take effect, so I added it below. See screenshot
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