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  1. Unfortunately, this is another example of "New Coke is better than Old Coke!" Oh, wait... Everybody loves the old version...? How were we to know......? Shooting yourself in the foot is one thing. Shooting all your customers in their feet is another. I'm sticking with the Legacy version for now. My subscription runs out in June of next year. My intention is to allow Evernote to try to bring the functionality and usability of 10.x to somewhere close to the Legacy version. I will also be comparing alternatives between now and then. I WILL NOT pay for this kind of product beyond that point. What hasn't been discussed is that Evernote's focus has shifted from giving us an productivity/creation application to giving us an application for consuming content. I want to see as much info as possible on the screen. Whitespace is waste. I want as much speed as possible. For web developers, even millisecond delays are sometimes too much. Evernote seems OK with seconds. Lots of seconds... I've fought this kind of battles with several software providers over the years. I'm afraid that Evernote has moved in another direction, away from me. It's like they want to become exactly the opposite of what I need. Sadly yours, Jeff.
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