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  1. I was indeed referring to debugging without symbols - Raymond is not a wizard either, it's a skill that can be acquired, you know ;) But in particular I just thought if someone asks me a specific question that would help to figure it out, I would try to find an answer and be happy to assist. I don't know, like, is this or that function getting called and with what parameters, or things like that. (I know that just poking around would take a long time, that's not what I meant.)

    For me, even after several minutes it doesn't fix itself.

    I forgot to mention, my Thunderbird is 32-bit as well. (I use it for ages, but I did do the updates.)

    One more tiny bit of information that I found: When I try this on a fresh empty note then after dropping the email onto the empty note body, it does set the note title to the email's title (and this persists after killing and restarting) before it gets stuck.

  2. Is there anything I can try to help figure this out? (Things involving debuggers are fine too.)

    Unfortunately I can't provide the EML since it contains sensitive information. 

    I'm on Thunderbird 68.6.0.

    I was dragging to the note body by the way. Sorry I missed this piece of information.

    EDIT: It seems the EML wouldn't help anyway since it happens for all emails for me. I tried now with an entirely new note and a totally unrelated, bare bones email, and it happened as well.

    EDIT2: Reading your message again, I noticed that it's not even a different Evernote version... As I wrote at the very bottom:


    I just installed (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) and tried again, and it still gets Evernote stuck, but the difference is that now closing Evernote doesn't even have any effect (it stays open with no message). The UI is still processing messages at that point, but sluggishly. (It can take up to a second to show mouseover effects for example.)

    So that makes me very curious too, since it seems we should have the same experience.

  3. Well I did read the code of conduct, which doesn't say anything about that, and there are several other reports about issues here. After all it is called "possible bugs/technical issues". And as mentioned before, when I previously posted about this sort of issue I got a positive response from staff, so in my mind this forum stuck as place to go for reporting issues. I did indeed miss the description of some of the subboards (including this Windows board) though, which said it's "community help". I'm sorry about that. 

    Being a developer myself, I don't think that this is "forced instability" though, because good robust software should not choke on anything you throw at it. That's why there are tools called fuzzers, which create thousands of variations of intentionally incorrect input, in order to test your software to verify that this can't happen. (as for HTML: what you just described is, if it were the actual cause - which I don't know - an example for an injection attack which, if it would succeed, would mean that it's an even more problematic bug than I thought. And it shouldn't be triggered by everyday actions a user may take, like this.) I didn't complain either, I just reported a bug. (If it were my own software I'd be happy to get this sort of report. It can always be decided that it gets low priority assigned, and it may end up never being fixed if there are more important things to do, but nonetheless it's important to know what issues exist, regardless of their severity.) At the end of the day it doesn't matter though, I think it should be reported and it's up to the developers to decide how to triage it. 

    Anyway, I think the misunderstandings are sorted out now, I'll wait for a reply from support. I guess they will just forward it to devs since it's technical.

    Again sorry for causing confusion here.

  4. Quote

    You can drag & drop anything into EN, but sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. 

    "Doesn't work" would mean it does nothing and/or displays a 🛇 cursor. If a software reacts with hanging or getting into an undefined state, it is always a bug.


    And now - who is going to sort out this self-inflicted mess ? We are other users, so what do you expect from dropping a heap of system messages on our heads ?

    While I don't agree that it is "self-inflicted", as explained above, I realize now that even though this forum is under "evernote.com", titled "Possible bugs" and also linked first when checking about bug reports on the homepage, it is actually probably not the best place to report bugs. However, last time I did that, a staff member responded, thanked me for reporting and said it would be forwarded to the developers... so it is not only "other users" it seems, but still, you are right.

    I apologize for my misconception and I will open a support ticket now.

    However I also have to say that I don't appreciate your attitude towards me in that matter. You could have pointed out that this place is mostly frequented by other users and not by staff and I should open a support ticket instead, in a friendly way. I reported a bug in a perfectly fine way, even including highly valuable debugging information that makes the devs' job easier in figuring out what went wrong, I didn't harm or offend anyone, so no need to be so salty...

  5. EDIT: I realized that this is not the best place for bug reports. I opened a support ticket now. Sorry for the unhelpful thread.


    Today, I dragged an email from Thunderbird into Evernote.

    After a second, the note editor area went white, and moving the mouse around over it showed no text-entry cursor anymore.

    Changing note didn't do anything, neither did changing notebook (the previous notebook's note list stayed). Otherwise, the interface itself was responsive.

    Closing Evernote made a "synchronizing notes" window pop up which didn't progress.

    Clicking "cancel" confirming cancellation then made the UI hang indefinitely.

    At that point, Evernote was apprently waiting on a mutex object using WaitForSingleObject.

    Call stack:

    26, KernelBase.dll!WaitForSingleObject+0x12 (No unwind info)
    27, Evernote.exe+0x1ccad6 (No unwind info)
    28, Evernote.exe+0x1d8a06 (No unwind info)
    29, Evernote.exe+0x1d2c86 (No unwind info)
    30, Evernote.exe+0x606ec (No unwind info)
    31, atlthunk.dll+0x287f (No unwind info)
    32, user32.dll!AddClipboardFormatListener+0x4b (No unwind info)
    33, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x1a8d (No unwind info)
    34, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x1121 (No unwind info)
    35, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x1038 (No unwind info)
    36, user32.dll!AddClipboardFormatListener+0x4b (No unwind info)
    37, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0xb2c (No unwind info)
    38, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x6ca (No unwind info)
    39, user32.dll!IsRectEmpty+0x1ff (No unwind info)
    40, ntdll.dll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x4d (No unwind info)
    41, user32.dll!SendMessageW+0x123 (No unwind info)
    42, comctl32.dll!ImageList_DrawIndirect+0x66c (No unwind info)
    43, comctl32.dll!SetWindowSubclass+0x1573 (No unwind info)
    44, user32.dll!AddClipboardFormatListener+0x4b (No unwind info)
    45, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0xb2c (No unwind info)
    46, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x22e (No unwind info)
    47, user32.dll!IsDialogMessageW+0x101 (No unwind info)
    48, user32.dll!DialogBoxIndirectParamAorW+0x25e (No unwind info)
    49, user32.dll!DialogBoxIndirectParamAorW+0x114 (No unwind info)
    50, user32.dll!DialogBoxIndirectParamAorW+0x32 (No unwind info)
    51, user32.dll!DialogBoxParamW+0x4a (No unwind info)
    52, Evernote.exe+0x1d513a (No unwind info)
    53, Evernote.exe+0x1459bd (No unwind info)
    54, Evernote.exe+0x1488af (No unwind info)
    55, Evernote.exe+0x68723 (No unwind info)
    56, Evernote.exe+0x11c5c (No unwind info)
    57, atlthunk.dll+0x18d6 (No unwind info)
    58, user32.dll!AddClipboardFormatListener+0x4b (No unwind info)
    59, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0xb2c (No unwind info)
    60, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x7f (No unwind info)
    61, Evernote.exe+0x50ee8 (No unwind info)
    62, atlthunk.dll+0x26ef (No unwind info)
    63, user32.dll!AddClipboardFormatListener+0x4b (No unwind info)
    64, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0xb2c (No unwind info)
    65, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x22e (No unwind info)
    66, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x10 (No unwind info)
    67, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3cd01 (No unwind info)
    68, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3cdc3 (No unwind info)
    69, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3ccef (No unwind info)
    70, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3c95d (No unwind info)
    71, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3ceb5 (No unwind info)
    72, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x1b079 (No unwind info)
    73, libcef.dll!cef_time_to_timet+0x6ba9 (No unwind info)
    74, Evernote.exe+0x4726a6 (No unwind info)
    75, Evernote.exe+0x46a84d (No unwind info)
    76, Evernote.exe+0x46b411 (No unwind info)
    77, Evernote.exe+0x46ab90 (No unwind info)
    78, Evernote.exe+0x465e2d (No unwind info)
    79, Evernote.exe+0x467be5 (No unwind info)
    80, Evernote.exe+0x11c5c (No unwind info)
    81, atlthunk.dll+0x2cdf (No unwind info)
    82, user32.dll!AddClipboardFormatListener+0x4b (No unwind info)
    83, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0xb2c (No unwind info)
    84, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x22e (No unwind info)
    85, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x10 (No unwind info)
    86, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3cd01 (No unwind info)
    87, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3cdc3 (No unwind info)
    88, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3ccef (No unwind info)
    89, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3c95d (No unwind info)
    90, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x3ceb5 (No unwind info)
    91, libcef.dll!GetHandleVerifier+0x1b079 (No unwind info)
    92, libcef.dll!cef_time_to_timet+0x6ba9 (No unwind info)
    93, Evernote.exe+0x471e96 (No unwind info)
    94, Evernote.exe+0x44e22d (No unwind info)
    95, Evernote.exe+0x45589b (No unwind info)
    96, Evernote.exe+0x465dea (No unwind info)
    97, Evernote.exe+0x467be5 (No unwind info)
    98, Evernote.exe+0x11c5c (No unwind info)
    99, atlthunk.dll+0x2cdf (No unwind info)
    100, user32.dll!AddClipboardFormatListener+0x4b (No unwind info)
    101, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0xb2c (No unwind info)
    102, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x22e (No unwind info)
    103, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x10 (No unwind info)
    104, Evernote.exe+0x6f3d5 (No unwind info)
    105, Evernote.exe+0x732d9 (No unwind info)
    106, Evernote.exe+0x74176 (No unwind info)
    107, Evernote.exe+0x869ff3 (No unwind info)
    108, kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x19 (No unwind info)
    109, ntdll.dll!RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+0xe4 (No unwind info)
    110, ntdll.dll!RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+0xb4 (No unwind info)

    Update: This call stack is from (308859) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). I just installed (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) and tried again, and it still gets Evernote stuck, but the difference is that now closing Evernote doesn't even have any effect (it stays open with no message). The UI is still processing messages at that point, but sluggishly. (It can take up to a second to show mouseover effects for example.)

  6. I have a workaround now. I hope it can help others as well.

    I wrote a script that converts the plain text in the clipboard to HTML that is accepted by Evernote as a code block. You can then easily paste the code without messing up formatting.

    If you paste it outside a code block, you will get a code block with your code inside.

    If you paste it inside an existing block, you will also get the code pasted correctly, however it will insert one extra line break before it. You have to remove it manually.

    1. Install AutoHotkey
    2. Download the WinClip library
    3. Get my script
    4. Place evernote_code_wrap.ahk (my script), WinClip.ahk and WinClipAPI.ahk (from the WinClip library) next to each other in a folder
    5. Run evernote_code_wrap.ahk

    Now, you can press Ctrl+Alt+V to convert and paste. (There is also Ctrl+Alt+P to just convert inside the clipboard without immediately pasting.)

    You can set up AutoHotkey to load the script automatically when you start your computer.

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  7. I have a weird situation now where the cursor doesn't move word-wise as expected when pressing Ctrl+Left/Right.

    My Evernote version is (308859) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) on Windows 10.

    See this screen recording.


    What happens is:

    • At the start, the cursor is at the end of "index".
    • Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "index" ✔
    • Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "worksheet" ✔
    • Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "index" in "1-index" ✔
    • Ctrl+Left => Cursor is at the start of "1" ✔
    • Ctrl+Left => Cursor jumped up several lines and is now at the end of "ID>"! (should be at the start of "ws_id")
    • Ctrl+Right => Cursor jumped half-way back and is now at the end of "?"! (if anything, it should be at the start of "value")
    • Ctrl+Right => Cursor jumped back and is now at the start of "1" (should be at the start of "ws_id")
    • Ctrl+Right => Cursor is at the start of "index" in "1-index" ✔

    I attached an ENEX file to reproduce the problem.


  8. Btw, I tried messing around with the HTML content in clipboard, and I couldn't find any combination of divs, p's, evernote clipboard attributes, actual newlines, brs, etc. that would result in the desired outcome.

    I didn't play with the richtext since that format is more foreign to me. But, if you say that the richtext could work, it could be worth for me to try building a utility that will convert CF_(UNICODE/OEM)TEXT to the required richtext data inside the clipboard to be able to paste it correctly... This is still pretty annoying though.

    This would mean that the RichText is the *only* thing that'd work, though. Even EN's own format doesn't work! You can see this by simply copying and pasting such a piece of code from Evernote to itself... Just select it and press Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. It will also double the newlines...

  9. I have the problem that the web clipper is removing indentation from code blocks, making the code unreadable. I have seen this on multiple websites, regardless of whether "full page" or "article" or "selection" is being clipped.

    For example, try this website: https://objectcomputing.com/resources/publications/sett/july-2019-web-dev-simplified-with-svelte

    It should look like this:


    But in Evernote, it ends up like this:


    I'm using Chrome and the Windows client.

  10. Same issue here, for a long time already. I verified that this is with plain text copy, there is no formatting that can mess it up, and it doesn't matter if the line endings in clipboard are CRLF or LF, and Ctrl+Shift+V makes no difference to Ctrl+V :(


    EDIT: This even happens when copying from the code block into itself! Every time, empty lines get doubled again and again.

    This is a major issue for me, and it exists for so long already, is there any chance it will be looked at some time soon?


    EDIT2: There is now a workaround!

  11. It's a tricky one. I was trying to reproduce it on a clean browser and there it didn't happen. Turns out, it happens only when the <body> has the class "tight" set (which overrides the bottom padding of the <main> tag that would have made this a non-issue otherwise). Looking though the JavaScript code to see where this class comes from, I can see it is set depending on the value of a cookie "layout". This cookie can be set through an URL parameter apparently (not sure if there are other ways).

    So, to reproduce it, visit any page on help.evernote.com once with parameter "layout=tight". My browser history tells me that in my case, that cookie came from this link: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218038988?utm_source=evernote_app&utm_medium=windows&utm_campaign=v6_new&layout=tight (which, according to its UTM parameters, was opened by the Windows app).

    After you have visited such a page which had "layout=tight" in the URL, you will have the cookie set, and then you should be able to reproduce my problem on the "new support ticket" page https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    (Summary of the bug: After the Windows app [or possibly something else] opened some kind of help page with the parameter "layout=tight" in the URL, it is no longer possible to open support tickets in the browser until clearing cookies.)

    One a side note, I discovered two small other things right now: 1) On help.evernote.com, when logged in, you see "sign out" in the top navbar, but "sign up / login" in the footer, as if you were not logged in - kinda confusing. 2) When pasting a link from the clipbaord here into the discussion forum, its text gets unnecessarily HTML-escaped, which becomes visible with the ampersands. Try it, copy "http://example.com/?a=b&c=d" (from another application as plaintext, not from here because then it's copied as formatted text) and paste it here, and it will become http://example.com/?a=b&amp;c=d (notice the incorrect "&amp;" instead of "&").

  12. The footer on the website has a padding plus a negative margin. This makes it appear at the right position, however it makes it logically overlap the previous content by 100 pixels. The result of this is that it's impossible to create a support ticket (unless you are a web developer and know how to use your browser's devtools) because the click is counted as click on the footer and not as click on the button. I saw this on the contact page but I'd assume that this problem exists elsewhere too.

    My browser is Chrome 71 on Windows 10.

    [EDIT: This only happens if the cookie "layout" is set with value "tight", which can come from visiting any link on help.evernote.com that has the parameter "layout=tight" in the URL, e.g. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218038988?utm_source=evernote_app&utm_medium=windows&utm_campaign=v6_new&layout=tight - after visiting this link, it will no longer be possible to open support tickets until clearing the browser cookies.]

    See screenshot below:


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