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  1. Thank you, both, for your replies. My screen looks like the two screenshots that Dave-in-Decatur posted, except on mine, the third column is completely white, and I can see all of my note. I guess that's what it's supposed to look like. An interesting side note: It only looks like this when I login from the shortcut. When I access Evernote through the website, it looks like what I am used to. It has a green border around it with the Evernote elephant visible, and the print is a little bigger. I decided not to sweat it, since I primarily use Evernote on my phone or tablet, and since all my notes seem to be there. Thanks, again, for your help.
  2. I just updated Evernote on my Windows laptop to version 6.17.6. When I open it, all my information is there, but the page looks different. The page is black and shite, with no pictures, and the text is very small. How do I get my Evernote userface to look like the original format that I am used to? This is very ugly and difficult to read.
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