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  1. It's 2019 and it's still slow as hell, once you have image insert in the note, it will start lagging during scroll..... come on are they even listing to us?
  2. I tried to clip a new article this morning with the "whole page" mode. Unlucky, without scrolling the whole page once by manually, most of the images will be missing... You may try out the new article from the same website: https://uxdesign.cc/the-power-of-visual-in-product-design-e1308542698b I hope this issue is not just personally 😫
  3. haaaa I'm not a developer, actually I'm not sure what "voodoo" is , but I think your assumption is pretty correct ? I tried to save the same website on my desktop later and find that the only way to save all images is by scrolling though all the contents and use the web clipper to save it.( I'm using Mac with safari) It will increases the successful rate but even that 1 or 2 images were still missing randomly .... Sorry for my bad English =P , But seems like saving to PDF and use the "share to Evernote" button on iOS is a sadly compromise right now..
  4. What about on phone? how can I archive an webpage with my iPhone? Actually I'm using a RSS feed App to browse all my favourite topic. It would be very frustrating if I already read a article in the app, and I have to open it again in safari, and archive it, reopen it, save to Evernote...... Which initially there is a "save to Evernote" button right in the app.... Anyway, how to save a site on iOS ? Maybe I have to stick with this solution for awhile....
  5. I notice I can't capture some of the images form website recently, here is an example: The link I would like to save: https://uxplanet.org/how-tinder-design-hooks-you-up-60201d78501f However you may notice from the screen shot below, some image are fine where the others just show a blurry image: Does anyone have the same issue for any fix method? Thanks
  6. Nope, it doesn't open a new screen and it happen on all notes as well... I'm using IOS 13 beta as well, I tried to reinstalling the app but the problem is still there~~
  7. I.m having the issue with can’t find the tag icon/settings in a note, I tap the “I” icon but as you can see in the picture, there is no way for me to add or edit the tags. Please help. I’m using iPad with the latest version of the app
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