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  1. Same here, I installed the Evernote 10 version 2 days ago = Sept 21st, and the most recent note that appear on my iPhone dates from 29/8 😞. In the meantime, I have tried almost all combinaison of erase / re-install / shut-down mobile / sign-in / sign-off. Why the hell did everrnote make such a show of the new developments (behind the scene video) if it is to produce such a ***** ????
  2. Hello, couldn't agree more, sync issues on iOS 14, and also iOS are just laughable. I have tried almost all combinaison : erasing, deconnect, shut down iphone, re-install, you name it. The notes that appearing now are the ones updated at least 3 weeks ago. In the meantime, I have been working on evernote web , evernote deskstop (previous version), on two devices, without any sync issue. Unfortunately since 3 days, Evernote on my iPhone is useless !!!! Your losing the credibility of the whole "behind the scene circus" :-(
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