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  1. I've been an EN user for ~ 7 years or so, it's an awesome product and a great way to stay organized. However, I've come across one feature request that I would presume would resonate across the user base - and would be deeply desirable for me. Which is; I have various notes of various meetings and topics, however, in those notes there is some crossover and commonality b/n a specific notes contents and other notes' contents. For instance, I have many next steps or takeaway items I'd love to see aggregated in one place - I don't want to have to search across all my notes and copy/paste that content into a separate to do list thereby creating a static list. What I would love to do is insert or inject intra page tags only on a certain section, ex: "#nextsteps Send Evernote my feature request <br>". I've created or this auto creates a note with the tag/label #nextsteps, and on there is the content across all notes that have that tag denoted. This list is dynamic, and as I update the child or feeder tags, this note changes and vice versa. For instance, I've now completed this next step, and I could "#nextsteps Send Evernote my feature request <br>" (strikethrough), and the child page would be updated as such, or again vice versa. This is the next big thing for EN and would totally be a game changer for in the notes taking revolution.
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