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  1. Optimism is more productive than pessimism. I was one of the earliest beta testers of this product, and I certainly understand much of what has been said here. If I had to pick the one thing that separates Evernote from the competition, I would choose automatic tagging. I make extensive use of that feature, and I am finding the lack of it in version 3 a bit annoying, but I am writing this using Firefox 3.0 beta 5. Why is that relevant? The thing that drew me to Firefox was mouse gestures, and they are not currently available in the beta I am using. I do love a lot of the capabilities of the beta, and I trust that eventually someone will make gestures available again. In the meantime, I am running the beta in parallel with the current released version, and I use whichever I want until the new version catches up with the old. Evernote is the same way for me. I am running 2.2 in parallel with version 3, and I am finding things I really like in the beta, in spite of some missing features. I use both a laptop and a desktop, and I really was getting frustrated with the sync paradigm in 2.2 I just never got it to work seamlessly. This left me feeling like I was having early onset Alzheimer's disease (I KNOW I captured that image, why can't I find it !!!) Version 3 has completely eliminated that problem. I have yet to have the image reading work as easily as it does in the demo, but I trust the folks at Evernote, and I believe that they will try to accommodate us if we are patient. If they are sounding a little defensive, then try reading this thread as if it was directed at you and see how defensive you get. This has always been a forum I enjoyed reading, and I would like us all to try to cut each other a little slack.
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