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  1. What frustrates me is that Evernote continues to be the only problematic app on my computer.  Lightroom, OneNote, other resource-intense programs chug along seamlessly.  Heck, even Chrome -- which until recently would sometimes freeze up when I had a huge number of tabs open -- has become well-behaved and reliable.

    So, Evernote, you're the last hold-out.  And it's the reverse of the "it's not you, it's me" saying that applies here.  Evernote, it's not my system, it's you.  I've been a paying Premium member for ages, but this is really trying my patience.  I should not have to reboot every few days just for Evernote.

  2. I have a pretty beefy Windows 10 box... 12gb memory, reasonably fast processor, etc.  Pretty much everything runs smoothly... except Evernote :(.

    It loads quickly and I have no problem editing notes.  However, searching is very problematic!  When I start typing in the search box, Evernote can freeze up for 10+ seconds.  And even more often, there are multi-second delays after typing each letter.

    I'm running this version: (3045720) Public.  And I've tried a ton of ways to fix this, including these options under Help:

    • Fix all notes
    • Fix notebookless notes
    • Fix lost resources
    • Recreate full text search engine
    • Recreate type-ahead search index
    • Recreate attributes index

    I don't experience this issue with the same notebook on my Macbook Pro.

    Any suggestions?


    P.S. -- This has been going on for at least 6 months, but just hadn't gotten around to posting :\

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  3. D'oh!  I've spent nearly an hour hunched over my desktop and my laptop, trying to figure out why none of the SMS' sent to me have worked; I get "The code you entered is not valid."


    finally figured out what was going on; I had added Evernote to my Google Authenticator, and apparently that invalidates any of the codes I receive from SMS.


    Couple of issues here:

    - If signing in with SMS-sent codes is disabled by design when the user has turned on gAuth, then codes should no longer be sent to that user via SMS!

    - Additionally, the language of the type-in-your-code prompt should be changed... if not personalized based upon the user's selected form of auth (SMS vs. gAuth), at least reminding the user to check for one or the other


    Yeah, I'm absent-minded, clearly, but still... thanks in advance for considering these suggestions :)

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