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  1. Dave, I've been using Evernote since the beta of 1.0 and I'm still using version 2.2 primarily because of the note link feature. Unfortunately I'm one of the users that will experience the sadness you describe since it's already been made clear that there's no upgrade path for note links. Despite all the talk about how difficult this problem is I just don't see how it's been this challenging for so long. You have a bunch of server gurus there so maybe you should look at how to avoid auto id conflicts with master-master replication. I've been synchronizing my Evernote 2.2 database between 3 computers for years now and note links are consistent between them. Or at least if there's an inconsistency I've never noticed it. Todd
  2. Thanks. It seems like a pain to support differences in interfaces in addition to the challenge of supporting multiple platforms and I'm not sure why the platform expectations should matter. Either you guys will consolidate the interfaces eventually or I'll learn something about users I don't seem to understand.
  3. I'm a long time Evernote user, but haven't tried the Beta of version 3 yet. I notice the screen shots from the various versions, Mac, Windows, etc. all look very different. Are the screenshots showing the variety of Evernote view modes or are the versions truly presenting different interfaces? For example, I like the endless tape interface of the Windows version, but see the web and Mac versions both have tiled thumbnails instead of an endless tape. Most of my notes are text so thumbnails are useless. The web site needs more screenshots and information in general. It's very spartan. Thanks.
  4. Hi. I haven't bought an iPhone yet, but it's one of 2 phones I'm considering. When using a friends iPhone I noticed the keyboard doesn't rotate to landscape mode in all programs. The built in note app for instance. It does work in landscape with the web browser. Since most of my typing would be in Evernote or an email program I'm wondering if the keyboard in Evernote works in landscape so the buttons are spread apart more. Anyone know? Thanks.
  5. goggin, I don't know if this would help you but I use a bookmarklet called FormTextResizer to resize the text boxes on web pages. It's not permanent. It might not work with PIE. http://www.themaninblue.com/experiment/FormTextResizer/ For example, you can use it to resize the text box for replying to this thread.
  6. Maybe I'm thinking of a different usage model. For example with Evernote 2.2 I can password protect a database, but the data is not encrypted. In the model I'm envisioning knowing this password gives access to the entire encrypted database. This is separate from being able to encrypt only portions of notes.
  7. I'm no encryption guru, but I don't see why search can't work with encryption. Depending on the algorithm it seems like you could encrypt the search terms, match them against the encrypted index, and it would point you to the proper note. Of course if you can't encrypt each indexed word individually this might not be so simple. Anyway, unless one of the commenter's really knows encryption I wouldn't assume it's not possible.
  8. I agree. This would be a useful feature.
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