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  1. Thank you sincerely for your effort to help me out. Perhaps I should have specified: I am operating on a windows computer. No new applications have been changed to the computer in the last several months.
  2. For some unknown reason, for approximately the last 2 weeks my evernote account has been syncing very SLOWLY. It will eventually sync, though sometimes only after repeated times/extended amount of trials (i.e. >30 minutes). This occurs after a trivial change to a text note. The same issue occurs with logging in - it takes repeated efforts/an extended amount of time. I have uninstalled/reinstalled evernote with no success. I have two accounts and the same issue is present on both of them - one of them is very small with regards to the volume of notes in them. I have logged in on another device on the same network with no issues. Thus, it would seem to be some problem local to my specific computer connecting with the evernote server? Then again, it frequently seems to 'freeze' and go into the 'not responding' realm. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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