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  1. Here we are again... Just updated to new version by Play store (8.9(1082853) revision 2470) and the issue is there again, and even worse as now clearing local search history and cache from within app settings doesn't work anymore...
  2. Yes! I tried what you suggested, cleared local search history and cleared cache from within app settings and now it seems to work correctly! Thanks a lot!
  3. Same for me, Evernote 8.9 on Galaxy note 8 android Pie, 6500 notes and many troubles in searching. Sometimes it works but many times it doesn't, and often it ends crashing. Tried to clear the cache and then to reinstall, still not working properly.
  4. Hi, i have the same problem, only way I found to restore the previous zoom level is to open any note whit a pdf attached and zoom back by CTRL + Mouse wheel. No way to restore it from a note w/out pdf: you can zoom in/out by CTRL +/- but, as Catie911 said, just to a limited size (2 steps zoom out and 5 steps zoom in from the level you are, in my experience) I wonder if there's a default zoom level and a way to immediately restore it.
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