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  1. I liked this new way embeded pdfs are shown, but I think maybe we should have an option to zoom in the file. For instance, I have a PDF that has 2 collumns of words that gets too small to read. The image below shows what I'm talking about:
  2. Having to sort my notebooks "alphabetically" without having an option to drag and drop them where I want them to stay, really, really bothers me.. Specially when I have a considerable number of notebooks using numbers or other workarounds and I want to include a new one in a specific position. I have to redo all my notebook sorting just to have this single one in the place I want. Many other apps (Onenote, Todoist, Notion, etc.) have this feature but EN doesn't. I really don't know why Evernote's culture always forces users to think in workarounds for simple features that in other apps are already there by default. 😫
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