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  1. This is my first and probably only post I’ll make to these forums, but I love that this entire thread exists because of poor UI. I’ve literally assumed that you couldn’t add new tags in iOS for a year because of a bad design decision.
  2. Googling for this question brought me here and I've had a very entertaining half hour reading through the waging holy wars on both sides. I gave up on Evernote 5-6 years ago after dramatic price changes made me feel like my notes were in constant jeopardy due to an inconsistent pricing model. Now I'm learning that a heavily requested and common sense feature is ignored by Evernote for over a decade with the suggestion that you rethink your entire organizational scheme with tags. I'm not here to debate the merits of hierarchical folders vs tags. I'd just like to say for a company that advertises itself as your personal knowledge library, it's an odd decision to dictate the terms of how you should organize that library. Especially when it's such a dramatic departure from our normal approaches to information management. Thank you everyone for your participation and contributions here, you helped me make the decision to move off EV Premium. I don't harbor any resentment against EV, but they've made it clear that they did not design this tool for users like me so I'm headed back to OneNote. Maybe I'll check back again in a few years.
  3. Well that's disappointing. I was hoping Evernote would be a useful tool for organizing things with my wife but this feature is only available if I pay 3x as much for a business account. I understand the need to monetize features but that's an extreme jump for what I imagine isn't an unusual use case.
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