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  1. I downloaded it from the Amazon App store, could try contacting Amazon but I'm sure they would just refer me back to the developer of the app itself. I want to use Evernote (compared to similar apps) as it supports offline usage, as I work where an internet connection can be sparse, so want to have something which still allows me to use it and then resynch once the tablet has gained an internet connection again. Appreciate the response and guidance though.
  2. Looking for some help is that is OK. I have an Amazon Fire 7' tablet running the Fire OS, when I open Evernote I do not have the option in the setting to enable Dark Mode. Reading up on this site it states the app needs to be on version 8.6 or higher but I have checked and my app is version 7.12 and when I checks for any updates it states it is the latest version. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the app (from the official store) but the same thing occurs. Not sure what I need to do, I haven't modified or added any extra software onto the tablet. Any help or guidance would be grateful.
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