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  1. I really liked the analogy used by Amir - thanks for the seamless transition to the horizontal database! I have been a Digital Transformation expert and love the easy way of explanation. Thanks Ian Small!
  2. Evernote Community and members have brought a revolution in Evernote and this will create a new phase for this company in 2020 and further! There is still a long way to go, but I am sure EN is hearing all of us. I have been providing consulting on Evernote and have assisted my clients on various different dashboards, setting up the customized workflow, multiple integrati a reference!ons with task management apps etc., Here is one example -
  3. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/assistance - anshul.akumar@gmail.com
  4. please create a table with 3 columns from the top menu in evernote - its easy
  5. Hi, this is Anshul Kumar once again. I have created a few modifications to my earlier dashboard. Created a table and provided note links for each of the sub-categories created the link with the TOC for every stack Thought of the day is static - i keep changing it once a week - working on making this automated this dashboard can also have your tasks/to-do's but I use Things 3 for that from my weekly planning links 
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