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  1. Hello. I use Evernote an awful lot for taking meeting notes and also for centralising my notes and readings from university lectures. One thing that has been a bit frustrating is this: I can embed an existing document (word, excel etc) into Evernote which is a feature I really like and use an awful lot. However, if I then open that document from within Evernote and make some changes, only the copy of the document within Evernote is changed. My original document on my hard drive on my Mac does not get updated. This means that if I make any changes I have to save to twice - once back
  2. I have tried multiple times to upgrade to premium. Each Time I get a request to login to my iTunes account for the Mac App Store - which I do successfully. And then I get an error in Evernote which I have attached to this message. When I check my subscription in my app store account I can see that the subscription is set up for the premium amount (£4.99 per month) but I just keep getting this error and the premium features are not working. Any help would be really appreciated. Many Thanks.
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