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  1. Currently to get a link to another note, you have to search for a note, open the note and get the link. I often reference related links so it would be incredibly helpful to simply select a note in recent notes or shortcuts or from search results and right click to obtain a link to the note.
  2. 10.7.6-mac-ddl-public (2321) Editor: v117.1.15008 Service: v1.27.2 Seems to happen most days. A restart of evernote fixes the problem, but obviously annoying.
  3. +1 for the return of this feature. In the absence of sub notes or sub notebooks, tags is the only way to achieve a multi level hierarchy for notes. So very important to be able to display frequently used tags with their hierarchy in shortcuts!.
  4. Yes had the same issue using share sheet on iOS . Deleted Evernote on iOS. Re-installed Evernote. Now working fine.
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