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  1. API access by other apps was not part of the limitation. Otherwise you would have been over the limit already. Since the plans and their conditions is company policy, the free plan can change without notice. Only paying users are customers, and as such protected against rapid changes of conditions. EN did honor this in the past, like continuing the PLUS plan for existing users when it had expired for new users.
  2. I am sure he will get 3 automatic proposals first to deal with his ticket. Like „Bang you head against a wall“, „Join a bunch of zen monks to find your inner light“ or „Participate in the ice bucket challenge“. Maybe I should start to use insulting language in my Support tickets as well. The 3 proposals I get are always pretty dull stuff.
  3. This is not syncing, this is downloading offline content. The initial sync takes place after first opening the App, and usually takes some seconds or a few minutes, depending on account size and internet speed. It only downloads some metadata and previews. Setting notebooks to „offline“ use means the full content will be downloaded, as in your case. Although there is an option to „set all notebooks offline“, it is advised to do it one after the other for the initial download. When this is done, you can switch to „all notebooks offline“ to keep them downloaded and updated. You can make sure it loads continuously by settings „autoscreen-off“ to „never“ in iOS settings, and put the device to a charger. You can make the task easier by switching some notebooks to „not offline“. When doing so, you will be asked whether to keep or to delete data already downloaded. Choose „keep“ because it will make it easier later when you switch it back to „offline“. The saved content will be connected and not downloaded again. EN says one after the other, I felt it was running good with 2-3 notebooks in parallel, and slowed down when 4 or more loaded at the same time.
  4. You may feel it is disappointing, because you have build over years a structure that can not survive what is a logical step for any business tool. Data an employee creates on the job don’t belong to him, they belong to the company. He gets paid, so any output created is property of the employer. There may be exceptions, but this is the general rule. Any employee can be terminated from the company, and when he leaves, his work related data needs to stay. Even the owner can be terminated, for example in case of bankruptcy by court action. All personal data the employee can take with him, like the cactus he used to have on his desk. This separation of personal and professional data is legally binding in many countries now. So it is necessary for a software company offering a business software to make sure this is designed into the software. EN has created a business solution where each user has 2 accounts. The business account belongs to the company, and is controlled by an admin. The personal account belongs to the person that is employed, is private and not under Admin Control. Internal Links can’t work between 2 accounts in this setting. Any breaches in the Chinese wall between the 2 accounts would violate compliance. So maybe you do not have a real business use case, or the world has turned, and your setup is no longer viable.
  5. There may be a folders structure now, but I do not think this in itself makes a difference. Thunderbird as E-Mail client stores mails in a similar way, and is pretty fast, even with tens of thousands of mails and attachments. And in the legacy version of EN on the Mac, it is folders and files as well. Probably EN needs to do some tuning, together with other improvements.
  6. Anybody who switches should ask himself whether it is possible to switch again, if need be. EN has a pretty clear, lean structure. Other note taking apps are similar, but content specially from Notion (which basically is a database with a nice GUI) probably will not be easy to migrate. As long as the honeymoon goes on, this may seem not so important. But what if ...
  7. You can’t spam every user. Obviously you can spam other people’s inbox, and this Forum ...
  8. IPad Pro 16 ? There was the original 9.7 and 12.9 , later 10.5, and now 11 and 12.9, both since spring 2020 with the A12Z SOC. I have a 10.5, which has the super sharp and reactive screen of all Pros. In fact writing this text here in the forum, the font is significantly smaller than if I would type it into a new note in the EN client. Maybe EN will include more options in a future release.
  9. Usually we have a support chat, and a return time of a support request of 24hrs. Unusual times, though. Actually my smallest worry - I hope they get the bugs fixed, and the „new“ (= missing) features rolled out soon.
  10. Probably it is depending on the source of a note. The general setting for typed text (normal text, not headers) in the editor is size 16, which is maybe even a bit large, but o.k. with me. Unfortunately there is no chance to change this in the settings.
  11. Hope it helps. It always is a balance between text size vs. number of notes / content on display. I‘ve got myself glasses for computer work a few years ago, makes a big difference. They are made for the screen distance, which reduces stress on the eyes.
  12. Well, uninstalling should not depend on internet speed. Installing yes, because it needs to download all, and using the new version as well, because it practically is a browser behind an app surface.
  13. Even for those who are paying there is a little wait at the moment - guys at EN are a little busy these days ...
  14. The current trash function is a life saver. I rarely empty my trash, usually I leave deleted notes sit there and collect dust.
  15. Weird. No, no problem with my iOS client. Fingers crossed, there are enough others ... Maybe try support on this. A little video of the screen zooming around would probably help. You can grab it easily through the iOS screen capture feature.
  16. For new notes, you probably have to assign the „codeblock“ format to make sure it is correctly copied. Maybe this can be done before copying for old notes as well. Still on legacy, can‘t test it on my Mac. Picture from EN v10 iOS:
  17. Maybe they are small for you, eyesight is different for different people. I did not note a difference, but as I say, it is a personal thing. There is a solution in iOS settings, screen&brightness, text size. Behind it is a slider. If you move it to larger, text in all apps that support dynamic text size will enlarge (not only in EN). It works for the v10-app, and your can adapt it in several steps until it suits your need. Maybe you feel more comfortable with other apps as well.
  18. No. Anything specific to these notes, like „all of them are web clips“ or „contain pictures“ ? „Some of my notes ...“ is not really something to start with.
  19. Hi Steve, before we continue the rant, there is something more urgent: Change your Forum user to something that is not your mail address. Bots are scanning all public forums these days, copying real mail addresses for spam and worse.
  20. Sorry, still on legacy on Mac and Windows, so no experience on this part. My only idea would be to uninstall using sort of a wiping program that really terminates any prior install, and install again. Make sure you do not terminate your legacy installation, maybe make a backup before.
  21. You can say „Yes, it was a necessary step to move to a new code basis“. Yes, I say this as well, and I think a unified code platform is the only way to keep EN manageable and economically viable. So who wants to use EN long term should welcome the new versions. So far, so good - but this does not explain why EN pushed to roll it out when the job still was not done. The new version lacks important functions. Just one simple example: My wife and I share 2 notebooks with our recipes. Me the cooking, she the baking. With the new version it is not possible to search for content in a notebook shared to you by somebody else. Even if you select the notebook, search does not work. We don’t have 10.000 recipes, but still enough that without searching use is quite handicapped. I use the same share-a-notebook function once a year with my accountant to prepare my tax declaration. That is a pile of notes containing all the documents, all of it tagged and OCRed. And now ? Use it without a search-for-document function ? Use it without a search-in-document-function ? There is another word for it: Broken workflow. There is more missing or bugged, some a plain nuisance, some of it worse than not finding THAT recipe we wanted to cook today.
  22. Have the notes you moved from offline to online already synced to the server ? If in doubt, check it on the web client. About v10 not starting: No idea. Maybe issue a support ticket; there will be a waiting time.
  23. If it does not work as described above my "merging it away", you probably need to uninstall the app on the device where the undetectable note was created. I had a similar issue, when sharing 4 photos into a note, and had to delete and reinstall the EN app on my iPhone to get rid of it.
  24. IMHO they have just added the complete "edit" button layout with all options planned, including those like tables that are not yet completely implemented. By this they don't need to change the edit button menu each time they add a function to it, maintaining support documents is easier etc. AFAIK no bad intention behind it. Same with other stuff, like printing, some sharing functionality, ... The mystery is why they decided to roll out this half-baked release at a moment when obviously it was not ready and not properly tested.
  25. There is a problem currently if you use "Log in with Apple". Use your normal EN login instead.
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