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  1. You simply exceeded your accounts limits under the free plan. You did it yourself, so I don’t know about which „big bug“ you are talking here. Everything works as designed, it locked you out. Log in to the EN web site, got to your account settings, and unsync devices. You need to be down to 2 for use, and to 1 to add another. There is a restriction on how many unsyncs are possible per month. If you have exceeded this as well, there are only 2 options left: Wait until it resets itself (usually every 30 days), or subscribe. Subscription can be done for a single month. You are not forced to the forum and place everything here - BTW please edit your post and remove your mail address. Real people working support cost real money - it is part of the EN rules that with the free plan, you don‘t get personal support. I think this covered it all - wish you success to get your account unlocked.
  2. No, no options. You can place a request in the subforum, or use the feedback function build into the clients.
  3. The search language is the same for all devices. With v10 search is performed on the server anyhow, if I‘m not mistaken. AND does nothing in the search syntax. It does not function as an operator, and it is not searched because it is to general a word to be of any use. So it is practically ignored. To search for notes with all words, just put them into the search field, and hit enter. To search for notes in which one of several words are found, use the operator „any:“. any: cat dog will find every note in which one of both is mentioned, or both (non exclusive OR) Here is some more: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040282613-Search-overview https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  4. EN tables do nothing with the data, except of displaying it. As you mentioned the Dropdown-Menü menu is only for formatting the cells, not for any data manipulation. More is requested since long, like simple SUM / MAX / MIN / COUNT functions, or sorting. I don’t have the impression this is high on the EN backlog of functions, if it is there at all. Put the information to a spreadsheet, and use this is the current workaround.
  5. To make sure nobody can use information from a stolen laptop, there are measures to be taken on the laptop itself. Among them are Split your account into 2, one for day to day, the other as only admin account for installations Enable a strong admin account password, if possible „Windows Hello“ for the other account Encrypt the hard drive - every PC has this option Do not allow to start from an external device, like an USB stick (make sure you remember your password, because it will lock you out as well) Protect the security settings by a BIOS / UEFI password (and again remember it well) The usual thief will not try to break through this, too much trouble and too little knowledge. They will usually dump protected devices, or break them down and sell the parts.
  6. Tried to reproduce it. Didn’t work, the picture was below the text added before. The only observation is that after the picture is inserted, the cursor is placed below the first picture, above of the text. I would expect it below the second picture.
  7. Thanks for the hint. Practically all mindmappers offer the view of the mindmap as an outline - or of an outline as a mindmap. The mindmap in its pure form is nothing else than an outline, but much better because it works visually, not through a text that you need to analyze. Depending on how much you want to use mindmapping, a free app could do, or a paid one. Prices are partially amazing for similar functionality, so better check before falling in love.
  8. You are off topic. And I won’t continue on this level, have a nice day.
  9. I can’t work neither when somebody is watching over my shoulder all the time 🤣 My note count is exactly identical on the v10 clients, and it is 1 note off compared with legacy. If comparing with legacy, it makes sense first to run the check and repair functions available for the legacy database. These are additional options in the help menu of legacy. If I remember well it was holding strg/ctrl down on Windows and alt/opt on a Mac before clicking on the help menu. This adds the database functions to the menu. Between the v10 clients it should be the same on all clients. What made a difference for me were notebooks shared to me from others. I had to click them open (maybe even reactivate some in the work chat, in every client) before they loaded and were counted into my notes again.
  10. For me it works, search finds everything offline as well, in pdfs, even in pictures. It nicely places highlights, search in notes is working as well. There is a difference in the total number of notes found. This happens on all devices, iPhone, iPad and Mac, so I think it is more an issue of the offline search in general than of a specific client. Support ticket is with tech support, answer is pending.
  11. We have import folders now on the Mac, in legacy it was only on Windows. +1 on the features list. And I wouldn’t call it work in progress, for me it works fine. I made a folder on my Macs desktop, changed the symbol to the EN icon. When I now want to move something quickly into EN, I can simply drop it on the icon, and be done. You can create several folders, each linked to another notebook. Personally I think a delete option is not necessary - the folder is like a backup of content added to EN, and it is really no big thing to empty it once in a while.
  12. Geosearch is not build to find the place where a single note was created. It was build to find a set of notes created in one place, like „show me all of my notes I made on that Business trip to LA last year“. Find LA, set the radius to 100mi, search, done. It is nowhere described as a visual geographical note locator. To see on a map where a single note was created, go on a device that supports it (mobile clients do) to Note Information. You see a map with a pin at the notes location. You can even move it around to change the geolocation.
  13. This widget AFAIK has nothing to do with the new plans. There are still features missing from v10, independently from the subscription level. I am waiting to get the Apple Watch function back, it was removed with v10 nearly a year ago. This discussion has no end, because there are features with the old app that are gone, there are other features with the new app that were added. With the new subscription setup no features or widgets have been removed, if you had it before you have it after.
  14. There are a lot of users who agree that there should be a sync button on the client, me too. As long as there is none, we only can handle clients in a way to avoid touching a note in a second client as long as it is still open in another. Usually it will do to simply open another note in the first client, if you don‘t want to close the client. When you edit a note, there will be a notice „All changes have been synced“ or similar at the bottom right of the EN window. This means all changes have synced to the server - from my experience this usually works. My problems were that sporadically changes took minutes, up to an hour to sync from the server to the other clients. On mobile you have the „sync now“ option in the apps settings - I would like to have the same on the desktop clients, forcing both an up- and a downsync when clicked.
  15. If you just paid 45$ until now, you were on a rebated Premium plan. Be happy about the money saved on it - these plans can be continued for the same price, and the same features. You will have access to tasks as every user does - which is the level of the Free plan. So it is the same plus basic tasks for the same. My math says zero price change, a little bit more features. See below for search. If you go for Personal, it costs the same as a full (not rebated) Premium would have cost. Better tasks than in the free plan are now added. Same price again, zero payment change. If you want to add a bundle of additional features that have not been available before (not on Premium, even not on Business), you pay more. The features are focussed on managing other people through your individual Professional account. This is the value added - the improved search is more a byword. You get more, you pay more - and nobody must upgrade. I will try, but up to now I will not make the move. About search: The current search remains fully available for all plans. There is no cut, there is even an important addition to the search language: The new parameter is called CONTAINS and let you search for exactly that, for example for tag:holiday contains:pdf will find all notes tagged with holiday and containing a pdf file. CONTAINS allows as well to search for all tasks, all open tasks or all closed tasks, again combined with tags, notebooks, stacks or keywords. So everybody has gotten a better „advanced search“ by using the specific syntax. In the EN syntax operators like AND, OR, NOT and ( ) have not worked. These are an alternative to the normal search syntax, and by the parenthesis you can build complex searches from them.This was not available up to now, for no plan, and that is what is called Boolean search. If this is a killer feature for you, it means Professional, for a search ability that was not available in any old plan. You can argue about the price now, you can argue about the bundling - but let us stick with the truth: Same (or improved) features as before, same price. More for more, that is IMHO acceptable because you have the choice to take it or leave it.
  16. Maybe wipe EN from the system, using Revo Uninstaller ? It is normal on a modern OS that there are many parts of an app left over after a standard uninstall. The uninstaller apps try to find them all.
  17. Which downgraded widget do you mean ?
  18. Some Premium subscribers do not auto update - there is a sort of rebated plans that can’t go to Personal without upping their payments as well. They have the option to stick with their current plan, like the Plus subscribers. Don’t know what is the case here - I would ask support if it is not clear from the account info.
  19. I am on Personal, so just from how it looks: Professional allows some more flexibility, more than one pinned note, more than one QuickNote. The widget are the same, they can be installed more than once. I have not found additional functionality, except you can change layout aspects like the background color of the QuickNotes widgets in Professional. In the calendar widget, up to 5 calendars will display in Professional, but this is by the plan, not by the widget.
  20. There are other apps like Noteshelf (sic), GoodNotes and more that show their content as (note)books on a shelf. Some even go so far that clicking on a book seems to take it off the shelf and open it. Not specific to Android, more to a certain way to do a graphical UI.
  21. The hint to the Professional plan is a reminder there is now another plan, no advertisement. I have dismissed it, and was done. Didn’t come back yet. The feature tutorial (the blue boxes appearing on the GUI where new items are located) is short, click through it once, and done. Maybe it was introduced after they looked at their support traffic and found out that many users asked the same basic questions. Then there is a reminder about Professional on some widgets. I don‘t see this as an ad - it simply says „Hey, you just clicked here. We assume you want this widget. In this case you need to change the plan“. So what, before I think „something is not working“ I learn that I can‘t use it without an upgrade. It is different on the Free plan - there the hints to subscribe are continuous. You can argue whether this is good marketing - but it is IMHO covered by using a valuable service for nothing.
  22. Interesting idea, other apps do something like this. If it really helps depends on your way of seeing things. Some like it when things are arranged in the digital world to mimic the real place, others hate it. What I miss in your list of growing items are tags. My impression from your words is that you don’t use EN to its potential, relying too much on notebooks. This creates the „how do I keep soooooo many notebooks organized“ syndrom. You could use tags instead of many little notebooks, and get a much more dynamic view of your notes.
  23. Sorry, you don‘t post which version you are running. I can assume it may be 10.14 (which would be the current version), but it may be 10.13.2 as well. If it doesn’t work, make a clean uninstall, switch your phone off (completely !) after doing so, restart it and reinstall. The Android app has its share of trouble, it seems, but what you describe is an individual problem, likely caused by a bad install.
  24. As stated in one of your other posts (don‘t double post, not by copy&paste, and not by filling every subforum with the same stuff even if you type it anew) by another user, you may have an individual problem. Annotation works for me, no problem, as it does for many others. See the post from @agsteele in the other thread with possible solutions.
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