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  1. En is basically working like a website of the old days. A flow of text and pictures, structured by basic HTML code. Today it would be build out of containers that will be filled with content based on many factors, part of them dynamic (showing a different web site if called from a Mac than the one shown to an Android device). It would utterly complicate EN if this would be incorporated. So it is tables that will duplicate the „containers on a page“ Logic of modern Web design. It is the only way to place items other than one below the other.
  2. For those here who are on blogging, you may take a look at https://postach.io/ The software is made to publish blog posts directly from EN. It may lack some of the advanced functions other blogging tools have, but it is the fastest and easiest way to maintain a steady flow of posts coming right out of EN.
  3. This is from the EN support page: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313338-How-to-change-your-account-login-email-address When you follow it step by step, the change should work.
  4. Most of the stuff listed as "features" can be yours for no money, if you are able to type the letters g-o-g-g-le-.-c-o-m into your browser. It is a well known fact that there are "editors" that promises everybody being published - if you are willing to pay for it. My idea of authoring would rather be to be paid than paying. Plus if I read it correctly, you give away the rights to your project in exchange for "competitive royalties", whatever this means.
  5. If I take a look at the pricing, fast pencil seems to be an initiative to become a poor writer instead of a writer. It seems to offer a product, but my impression it does in fact sell "hope".
  6. ... and I thought the whole thing was about going paperless ...
  7. AppCleaner is an app, made to clean other apps from a Mac. It is free, and gives you more control over what to erase and what to keep. In some cases you want to keep something, for example settings to make a reinstall easier. In the case of EN, it is important to really clean every piece of software from the Mac, because this is often the cause for continued crashes. The standard trash bin procedure will sometimes not remove this residue, which leads to more crashes even after an uninstall. Checking all positions in AppCleaner will as well remove the data base, so if it has developed problems, they will be removed as well. You can download it for free, for example here: https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ The last weird bit that maybe got stuck somewhere is cleaned out by restarting the Mac after the cleaning.
  8. Oh, a nice basket full of apples. Green, red, some both, yellow - wait, this is orange and has wrinkles ? Yes, it is not an Apple, it is an orange - and all together are fruits. Who said the one and only property of a note taking app is H1, H2, H 3 ? Maybe there is a number of note apps that have it (let’s call them apples), but others don’t (our oranges). Diversity is at the core of competition. Even without headers it can still be the best note taking app for many. H1/2/3 is easily solved, except for those who need STRUCTURE and forgot how to use their word processor.
  9. Did you uninstall using the app AppCleaner ? And if so, did you check all items (you have to scroll down the list in the AppCleaner window and manually check them all) before uninstalling ? Then before reinstall restart your Mac. If you have local notebooks, this will delete them. So before wiping make sure you have a backup of these. Everything else will be copied down from the EN server once you have reinstalled successfully.
  10. I can only guess at the reason - but maybe it was removed from the iOS side. When iOS 13 was released there were significant changes in the „share“ menu and function. Maybe this is related to a different handling of shares in iOS. As I said, this is just a guess.
  11. You can place a limited number of notes into the „favorites“ section. These will always stay on top of all. Another possibility is to use special characters at the beginning of the notes title, and sort by title. Many special characters will be sorted at the beginning.
  12. This is not a support channel. This forum is user driven. I am on iOS, so I can’t help you on this. Maybe you want to place a new post in the Android section of this forum. This will enhance your chance that some other user with Android experience will see it and probably answer.
  13. Personally I mix both. EN is stronger In organizing documents, has a web clipper etc. GoodNotes 5 is better for note taking and note keeping. So my „living notes“ are in GoodNotes, and can be modified there even month later. When a note becomes legacy, and editing is no longer needed, I export into EN where I keep my virtual memory. When I choose the „keep search index“ option on export, the pdf of the handwritten notes will remain fully searchable. For my use case this is the perfect combination between a strong handwriting note taking app and a near-perfect File-and-forget Archive that will retrieve everything I ever dropped in there when I need it. But every use case is different, so if you can do everything you need to do in GoodNotes, why not !
  14. The question is why I should sort my notes ? There are options to sort by several dates, titles etc. But basically I see EN not as a filing machine, it is a finding machine. So I prefer to put stuff on a heap (or haystack) and rely on the search capabilities to find the needle whenever I need to. My main view is usually set to „All notes“ and „actualisation date“, with a few notes marked as favorites for permanent visibility.
  15. Well, we all have to adapt to new realities: Here in Germany, computer shops are closed because of the corona lock down, but (imagine) the DIY-Stores are open. Maybe somebody decided that if people have to stay at home they should do something useful, like painting down the kitchen or repairing the wobbly couch table leg. So if you are frustrated by EN in your home office, you can’t go out and buy a new computer. But you can go and get a screwdriver ...
  16. It is not that easy, but nearly: On an iPhone, select a phone number in an EN note Click on „copy“ Open the Phone App, virtual keys Click above the keys into the empty space, choose „paste“ The number is pasted, ready to dial Select a phone number, click on „copy“ Go to phone app, virtual keys, click above and paste: Dial
  17. This is good advise - at least from an economical point of view. If one wants to do the replacement, there are usually good videos on YT showing the little tricks to avoid breaking more than a warranty seal. I think there is sort of an inner value in repairing / upgrading things that are still capable of doing the job instead of replacing them. In many cases the newer models are rarely faster, but got somewhat downgraded. Talking about the good old days, just take a look at the keyboards. So open it up, replace the HDD by an SSD, plug in a new memory bank or two for additional RAM, and you will be good for another 3-5 years.
  18. Another good stop at YT is the channel of Carl Pullein. He is giving a lot of good Tips & Tricks around EN and how to use it to set up a GTD Get Things Done process. Great guy, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, a lot of positive energy. Maybe the best advise for beginners (beside all said above): Few notebooks, many tags !
  19. There is no problem to show an address in the maps app - just do as I did. All that is used is iOS stuff (in this case iOS 13.4, iPad Pro 10.5): Address in an EN note: Select the address text, Click on „look up“ or however this is called in Englisch : This page will open, with a selection of options. The first one is to look it up in the maps app: When clicked, a preview map will open. Click again on the map image, and it will open full screen. This is plain iOS function, and it works the same in other apps as well.
  20. Glad to hear this, thanks for the feedback. On my day to day use I scan directly into EN. I just keep the scanSnap Cloud account as a backup. I do not remember using it after my initial testing.
  21. Have you tried another browser for this (like Safari) ? Browsers develop these days in different directions. Problems can arise because one is handling stuff regarded as relevant for security / privacy different from another. Most browsers use Chrome as engine, whereas Firefox and Safari have their own engine each. So switching browsers can show whether the problem is related to a specific browser.
  22. Maybe I see it different because I switched from Windows to Mac only last year. For me it fulfills it’s purpose. When I want to annotate something, I prefer GoodNotes (Mac and iOS).
  23. If the old version is 32bit software, there is no chance to run it under Catalina. With the new version I have no problem. Have you granted it all the necessary rights in the Catalina settings ?
  24. The initial post is IMHO just BS ... Currently companies that offer solutions for digital remote work (like EN) are thriving, not suffering. Everybody who can work from there is at home, everybody working from home needs access to documents and workflows, and server / cloud based solutions like EN Business are made for remote digital group work. If EN would not be privately help, it would be one of the winners at the exchange.
  25. EN is not in the race for handwritten note taking. Or if they are, they forgot to take their horse along. Do as DTLow told, or use another program. My favorite on the iPad is GoodNotes 5. The best way is to try several pen note taking apps, and choose the one you like best.
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