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  1. I mean this feature (quote from https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015781127-Evernote-for-Finding-Things-Faster ) Use Cmd + J (Mac) or Ctrl + Q (Windows) to ‘jump’ to a specific note, notebook, or tag. After the app udpated itself, it broke for me. This is such an elementary part of my workflow, that I decided to ask instead of going on with my day. In addition to that, cmd+shift+? (search menu options) is also broken/unavailable, which I discovered trying to investigate the first issue. This makes the app unusable for me in the short term. I wanted to switch anyway, but it doesn't feel good to lose control over when I can do that. I hope I'm just missing something or misunderstanding, for now I'll switch to the legacy version.
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