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  1. once again, Evernote balks at functions that users really want and adds ones that few have asked for
  2. I'm having the same problem in both Win 7 and 10. Highlighted search terms works for some notes and not for others You have to search within the note to find the terms you're looking for. You'd think this would be an easy fix for Evernote as it is another annoying glitch that compromises functionality. I for one would give up several of the more silly functions they keep adding to have things like this fixed.
  3. It seems that the way to encrypt an entire note that can be edited without re-encrypting new text is to add the new text before the end of the note. e.g., add "END of Note" (or some notation at the end) and edit anything before that.
  4. I have an encrypted note (or all text withing a note). EN allows me to edit the note and it will remain encrypted when saved without selecting the new text for encryption. Also discovered that I can delete the encryption passphrase just by writing over it. I did this by mistake in trying to get into my encrypted note. I clicked it once and just started typing. The new text replaced the encryption icon. I then could not get into the encrypted text because the passphrase icon was replaced by this new text. I was able to recover the note in history and figured out that you have to double click the passphrase icon for the dialog box to pop-up. Surely it can't be that easy to loose access to an encrypted note?
  5. It is intolerable that an upgrade causes this problem and EN expects uses to edit the registry to fix it. What "general' page, per the post above. As paid user, I am loosing my confidence in EN and my patience!
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