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  1. Upside down was a great idea. It did not work, dang it. I'd already tried sideways. I just got my sharpie out and tied in the boxes with a thick black line and it still cuts that top title block off. As this Scannable ties into Evernote I'd like to keep using Scannable.
  2. Yes I have auto capture enabled. It trims the top title block off every time. The top 2". I wish it would leave an image of the entire page. Its a software bug. Thank you for your response. I've attached a camera shot of entire piece of paper and what Scannable gives me.
  3. I use a business template that has a title block on the top where I put subject, date, page number, etc. A title block per say. Every time I try to scan this 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper Scannable does me a favor and trims off the entire top title block. I've tried to darken lines to make it see this as a full page and that used to work infrequently but now never works. Any ability to control trimming? I've attached a sample piece of paper. I covered the top right for privacy. I have connected the boxes with a pen but that doesn't help.
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