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  1. 57 minutes ago, Nick L. said:

    Hey folks,

    We're working on getting this fixed right now. Apologies for the problem. Here's a workaround. 

    1. Go to Evernote Web
    2. Add the "Notes" widget to Home
    3. Reinstall Evernote on your mobile device and sign in. You should be good to go.


    That's not of much use where EN have me throttled to 5.33.0 on the web version and it doesn't have the Home Page or widgets. ....Grrr

    I'll see how I get on with Shanes workaround version on the Desktop app. 

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  2. @gazumped Watched Steve last night and took part in the live webinar chat. 

    I agree with Steve's take on a lot of things and the overall management decisions and approach that has been taken by Evernote is understood, I even agree that it makes a lot of sense. Where I have issues is that they're providing upgrades, desktop front ends etc, but rectification of bugs and restoring previous functionality is just not forthcoming. 

    Steve didn't ignore the issues, several times he mentioned lack of functionality and how it messed with workflows for "power" users. I did take exception to him quoting that only he 2% of users utilise tags, I remain unconvinced by this and would love Ian Small to provide supporting data to this effect. 

    It was perhaps notable that on the mop up Q&A at the end, Steve was asked several functionality questions and didn't know the answer. Of course I'm not expecting him to know everything about the product, none of us do (well excepting a select few on here), but it did highlight clearly that Evernote users are a diverse bunch and what works for Steve does not reflect that others have a different use case and its not working for us. 

    I am loath to leave Evernote, realistically I never will because at the very least I'll retain it as a historical database, but I'm getting tired of checking the forums each day and seeing that the same issues remain and that the promised restoration of functionality keeps stretching before us. 

    If (and its a big "if") Nimbus works with a larger database I may move across, but it raises enough concerns in itself regarding its background, security and longevity. 
    Nimbus is agile at the moment because its young and fresh, (Evernote was there once), but I don't want to be having this same conversation in a Nimbus forum in 10yrs time. 

    We'll see how it pans out. I just want a stable 100yr Elephant that keeps doing what I want. I know Legacy does that now, but it won't be around forever.

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  3. I'm at the same juncture. 

    I bought Nimbus on a whim several months back and toyed with it but didn't apply any serious time to it. Having waited for V10 to improve, I'm at a stage where documented issues are not getting resolved in a timely manner and the recent updates have been more about window dressing than resolving bugs. For example, it's unacceptable for a tag search or filter to provide a null return and this has been flagged in other posts since V10 was released. 

    I'm in the process of importing all my 17,500 notes into Nimbus and then I'll give it a proper stress test. Doubtless it has issues too, some of which are documented here, but their agility and responsiveness in addressing problems and introducing useful new features is streets ahead of Evernote. 

    I'll run duplicate notes across both applications for a period. I'm not yet ditching Evernote, but it is on its final warning. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, CalS said:

    Not quite the same.  When EN eliminated local notebooks with V10 I needed to find a way to handle the 8,500 private notes I stored therein, mostly PDFs.  As they are private notes sharing is not so much a requirement other than tax time.  The solution I am deploying uses a Windows root folder containing folders for years, Windows indexing (turned on for only those folders), and file explorer.  

    To your tag point, a bit barbaric, but I append the file name with [tag1 ...], brackets included.  Typically no more than three tags per document, mostly two in my case.  This should preclude future issues for tag loss.  Using a bulk file rename utility has made this  simple as I save the attachments to the folders.  Drudge work but required to ensure access to these documents. 

    To my surprise Windows search works remarkably fast and well.  With preview enabled on file explorer the screen looks similar to EN, notes on the left image on the right.

    I am moving everything pre 2021 at this point, about half way there, doing a bit of cleanup along the way.  I am leaving the notes in place in EN during the move, tagging with Moved   I am doing periodic 7zip encrypted backups to OneDrive.  I may switch to putting the folder structure into a VeraCrypt container on OneDrive so as to eliminate the backup step.  Won’t fully decide until I decide how best to recover.  Decision to be made when most is moved.  Many options based upon the folder structure and the like.  The index stays on the local machine in any case.

    When I do get everything moved I would still be okay if EN added back local notebooks.  Better to have it all in one place in my view.  FWIW.

    Thanks Cal, In some ways your storage need is very close to mine. I haven't had a worry about local docs, I've no problem with mine being on EN servers, I see  this as better security than a local hard drive and back up files elsewhere. That which I store is information useful to me and my clients, but of little commercial value or sensitivity to others. Anytime I've needed, I've made use of data encryption within a note. 

    I'm running on a Surface Pro, so hard drive space is limited, hence my use of OneDrive for file storage. I've never explored windows indexing, I assume it works across both local and OneDrive files? I think the only thing putting me off this approach is the tagging workaround. As you say drudge work and I'm the first to admit I'm lazy this way. I'm unlikely to maintain a consistent filename tagging approach for any length of time. 

    I understand what you're saying about the file explorer preview, I've mine set up this way also. OneDrive on the iphone also gives me document portability and has been faultless in my use. 

  5. 5 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

    ScanSnap Home is a scanning software, not a document manager.

    Document management can be done in a files and folder structure (SSH is using this when it „organizes“ documents), with all the problems this causes. Or one moves to more professional solutions, of which EN is one possibility.

    What keeps me away from all that ScanSnap stuff is that Fujitsu has a mixed record with keeping their software current. I used ScanSnap Manager on my Mac - upgraded to Catalina, and *bang* ScanSnap Manager refused to start. It was still 32bit, not supported any longer. Fujitsu communicated „no more SSM for Macs, use SSH“. OK, switched my workflows over.

    Last summer a new 64Bit Version of SSM surfaced. No information from Fujitsu, read about it in a forum. First release not supporting cloud services, chaotic web site, no good information. The release from September now interacts with EN (legacy) again. It is still hard to find, and badly documented.

    Conclusion: EN v10 is not what you wish in terms of releases, but Fujitsu is worse. I would never rely with my document management on them. My ix500 does the job, the hardware is very good. But not the software that comes with it.

    I never could get on with SSM, to me it was only a scanning conduit. SSH didn't start out too well, and I fully agree Fujitsu communication and update process is a shambles. I only see SSH as a front end conduit for my documents, OneDrive is the storage platform.

    As I've replied to Stefan, I think a lot of my issues are Evernote weariness. For me V10 has the potential to be a great product, but its not a patch on Legacy for getting work done. I cancelled my premium subscription last Autumn in some form of protest, only to renew again at the start of the year when I couldn't find a better home elsewhere. 

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  6. 7 hours ago, Stefan Timm said:

    Over the last years I‘ve moved all my personal stuff and all my mobile work stuff from the iMac and MacBook Pro to my iPad Pro. When I bought my 2013 MacBook Pro, I had already decided this would be my last notebook. Given all that, I don‘t think ScanSnap Home would be an option.

    I also use a sophisticated (but easy to handle) tag system, loosing my tags would be almost as bad as loosing the documents (even though all docs are full text searchable). Keep It also has an intuitive search that combines full text, tag based (and other metadata based) search without having to learn an inhuman search syntax.

    Given the history of Fujitsu with their scanning software (there were major problems with a macOS Upgrade a couple of years back) I‘d strongly advise against it. But that‘s just my 5 cents.

    I'm on Windows so Keep It doesn't work for me. Pity I like the look of it. 

    I get what you're saying about Fujitsu, I'm aware of their history and do have concerns about the quality of their software and product development. I wouldn't give ScanSnap a second look if it was holding by files in a proprietary container. 

    I'm very much on the fence with Evernote at the moment. I've been an advocate of it since very early days. Back then I was an avid note taker, today this has migrated to a document hoarder. Data portability and sharing to others have become much more important to me. 

    I guess I might be guilty of Evernote weariness and admit to trying many of the competitions products over the last year. be it Notion, Nimbus, Joplin or OneNote. It might be familiarity, but EN still suits the best. If EN10 could come back to Legacy parity I might be content as is, I do like the new format. 

    Oh well,... back on the fence for now. 

  7. Is anyone here on the forums using ScanSnap Home as  document management front end? 

    I've found it in conjunction with OneDrive as the file storage location to be a passable alternative to Evernote for my use case, with a tagging system available for data retrieval.
    It's not a note taking software, its a file management system in much the same vein as Paperport so it won't work for everyone. 

    There are some elements that are "kludgy" such as sometimes having to manually request a reload folder for new documents to appear, or .pdf editing within ScanSnap viewer limited to files generated via the scan snap scanner. But these are minor and not insurmountable. 

    The most appealing aspect is that your files remain in their native format within a OneDrive folder, or local folders for sensitive documents you do not wish to be on the cloud. There is no proprietary format or html containers and if scansnap home disappears tomorrow your data is unaffected. 

    I'd be interested to know of others using the software and use cases. 

  8. Is anyone using ScanSnap Home as a document management system?

    I only occasionally use Evernote to take property survey notes with pictures for work, but my primary use has been as a document filing system, 90% being in .pdf format. 

    Last year, long prior to V10 fiasco I was asked to share a collection of documents on a specific use case. Because of IT protocols the company would not download Evernote to share an EN folder. I ended up having to copy all out as pdf files again and sharing as a OneDrive folder which suited their case as they were all an Office365 subscription. 

    A lot of my interaction with companies is with O365 so I considered better working with them than trying to reinvent the wheel. The past year I've stored all these documents in a OneDrive account, using ScanSnap Home as the front end. To me this provides the best of both worlds. The documents are all in OneDrive folders, to be shared at will, whilst the Scansnap allows me to Record memo descriptions onto the file and to use a Tag based filing system for search recovery just the same as my Evernote tag system. 

    I'm also confident that should Fujitsu someday withdraw Scansnap Home, the worst that will happen is that I will loose the tagging system. The base files remain in their native format and retained within OneDrive which I don't see disappearing anytime soon. 

    I'd be interested to hear of anyone else's use case of ScanSnap Home. Details of it appear to be thin on the ground in a web search and I cannot find any independent user forum. 

  9. He did seem to be pretty unsure about how the new version worked. 

    I noted at one point in the Q&A he was asked about inserting a .pdf into a note and wasn't sure how to and indeed if it was still possible. 

    I came away with the overall impression that he liked the bare bones changes when using it as a note taker, but didn't seem to address the myriad of use cases and how the new version is broken to all of us using it as a depository / document management / storage facility. 

    I like Steve's approach and his video's in general but this one to me seemed half researched and like Version 10, "half-baked"

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  10. A very unscientific comparison finds Win 6.25 opening to an editable working position in sub 4 secs. 

    Win 10.1.1 is taking 9 secs for me. And to think I used to consider 6.25 sluggish! 

    iOS 10 version has similar issues. Timings of opening are not consistently repeatable. Sometimes almost instantaneous, other times might be 20 secs. Absolutely no use when all you want to do is take a quick note on the go. 

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  11. It's also worth remembering that Evernote a few years back produced or endorsed a number of ancillary items, be it the Scan snap ix500 "Evernote edition" to a range of socks and other paraphernalia. 

    They withdrew entirely from this market as a cost cutting exercise with a focus on their core product, a fact which I think most of the user group supported and were thankful for. 

    I don't see them moving back into the hardware market in any form anytime soon, indeed Ian Small has made it his mission since the outset to keep the focus on making Evernote great again. As PinkElephant indicates, there is an API there. It's much more likely that reMarkable or others tap into a connection as a service. 

  12. I have an ix100 so the specific operation may be different, but the connection and Scansnap Manager software is common to both machines. 

    Windows 10 never has recognised the scanner because Fujitsu use their own proprietary handshake connection and not the typical windows universal scan drivers. I've never had mine show up in the system devices list. 

    I've also found the connection to be "flaky" over the past few weeks. The system will regularly hang mid scan advising it's receiving document, but eventually timing out. Strangely this seems to be when I have it on a wired connection. I find that on WiFi and with the USB cable connected it seems to figure itself out. 

    I'm sort of gutted to be saying it, but the most robust operation at present is to use the scanner over WiFi to the mobile scansnap app, in my case on iOS and then forward it to my Evernote account. It shouldn't be the case, but this is presently the fastest and most reliable way of using the scanner. 

    Given this is happening between scanner and ScanSnap Home this is a Fujitsu issue and not a reflection on Evernote. Cold comfort I know. 

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  13. I just want to back up this with support and congratulations of my own. 

    Like so many here on the forums I've had frustrations and issues particular to my use case, but I acknowledge that these problems might be only for a small handful of people. Evernote's biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. It fit's so many use cases, but is not, nor does it pretend to be a specialist application for many of them. We can all be guilty of navel gazing and looking for that one action or tweak that will make it work for us. 

    Personally I think Ian has done an excellent job. He set out a commitment early on to rectify the basic's and what we are now seeing close to fruition is just that. If nothing else I'd like to commend Ian for following through on just what he promised and not being sidetracked along the way. 

    I'd love to see the new versions live and active across all platforms. Who doesn't want something new and shiny for Christmas? Many times this year I've pondered, what's the delay, why are we getting nothing new? (The background video's only slate this thirst for a short time.)

    But patience is now showing fruits of these labours and I'm more hopeful now going into the new year than I have been since I first stated using Evernote on my iPaq pocket PC a lifetime ago. 


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