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  1. He did seem to be pretty unsure about how the new version worked. 

    I noted at one point in the Q&A he was asked about inserting a .pdf into a note and wasn't sure how to and indeed if it was still possible. 

    I came away with the overall impression that he liked the bare bones changes when using it as a note taker, but didn't seem to address the myriad of use cases and how the new version is broken to all of us using it as a depository / document management / storage facility. 

    I like Steve's approach and his video's in general but this one to me seemed half researched and like Version 10, "half-baked"

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  2. A very unscientific comparison finds Win 6.25 opening to an editable working position in sub 4 secs. 

    Win 10.1.1 is taking 9 secs for me. And to think I used to consider 6.25 sluggish! 

    iOS 10 version has similar issues. Timings of opening are not consistently repeatable. Sometimes almost instantaneous, other times might be 20 secs. Absolutely no use when all you want to do is take a quick note on the go. 

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  3. It's also worth remembering that Evernote a few years back produced or endorsed a number of ancillary items, be it the Scan snap ix500 "Evernote edition" to a range of socks and other paraphernalia. 

    They withdrew entirely from this market as a cost cutting exercise with a focus on their core product, a fact which I think most of the user group supported and were thankful for. 

    I don't see them moving back into the hardware market in any form anytime soon, indeed Ian Small has made it his mission since the outset to keep the focus on making Evernote great again. As PinkElephant indicates, there is an API there. It's much more likely that reMarkable or others tap into a connection as a service. 

  4. I have an ix100 so the specific operation may be different, but the connection and Scansnap Manager software is common to both machines. 

    Windows 10 never has recognised the scanner because Fujitsu use their own proprietary handshake connection and not the typical windows universal scan drivers. I've never had mine show up in the system devices list. 

    I've also found the connection to be "flaky" over the past few weeks. The system will regularly hang mid scan advising it's receiving document, but eventually timing out. Strangely this seems to be when I have it on a wired connection. I find that on WiFi and with the USB cable connected it seems to figure itself out. 

    I'm sort of gutted to be saying it, but the most robust operation at present is to use the scanner over WiFi to the mobile scansnap app, in my case on iOS and then forward it to my Evernote account. It shouldn't be the case, but this is presently the fastest and most reliable way of using the scanner. 

    Given this is happening between scanner and ScanSnap Home this is a Fujitsu issue and not a reflection on Evernote. Cold comfort I know. 

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  5. I just want to back up this with support and congratulations of my own. 

    Like so many here on the forums I've had frustrations and issues particular to my use case, but I acknowledge that these problems might be only for a small handful of people. Evernote's biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. It fit's so many use cases, but is not, nor does it pretend to be a specialist application for many of them. We can all be guilty of navel gazing and looking for that one action or tweak that will make it work for us. 

    Personally I think Ian has done an excellent job. He set out a commitment early on to rectify the basic's and what we are now seeing close to fruition is just that. If nothing else I'd like to commend Ian for following through on just what he promised and not being sidetracked along the way. 

    I'd love to see the new versions live and active across all platforms. Who doesn't want something new and shiny for Christmas? Many times this year I've pondered, what's the delay, why are we getting nothing new? (The background video's only slate this thirst for a short time.)

    But patience is now showing fruits of these labours and I'm more hopeful now going into the new year than I have been since I first stated using Evernote on my iPaq pocket PC a lifetime ago. 


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