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  1. This was removed, so we cannot. They say Preferences/Settings will come back, but do not say when!
  2. Also, tooltip clearly says "Open Evernote" -- VERY sloppy programming/testing here. Nice job (NOT).
  3. Nothing convenient here - never use it, nor plan to. Now instead of left click/double click, I have to right click, then move mouse again to click Open Evernote - too slow & cumbersome. Old action should be brought back, or at least added as an Option to the missing Options/Settings panel. EDIT: Is there any available keyboard shortcut to "Open main Evernote window", please? If so, maybe I can use that as a workaround until this gross UI design oversight gets fixed/improved.
  4. Using Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit OS, version 20H2, i.e. latest Stable version. Evernote PC Desktop app is version 10.3.7, Build 0 public. Trying to click or double click the Evernote icon in Notification area shows a useless to me Quick Note window. I am not sure why this started happening, it used to open the Evernote window instead -- is there any way to revert to opening Evernote on doing such clicks? Thanks for any help! Screenshot of the window:
  5. Thanks! Please note Spotify Windows Store version has this. Could you please tell me: 1) The issue tracking number for this feature in your issue tracking system? 2) Date the feature request was added to your system? Also, can you give me some approximate ETA on this - somewhere in first or 2nd half of 2019, or more likely - not this year? :)
  6. Unless one adds a shortcut to Evernote PC app manually into the Windows 10 OS Startup folder, Evernote does not automatically start on Windows OS login. Please add this option back. Was/is present in the non-Windows Store version, so should be doable in the Store version too. :) What do you guys think, please?
  7. Agreed. Hard to see, add option(s) for better color of icon.
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