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  1. Is the solution given by Justin and hellow@wonsong , the only solution for this is to delete the Evernote folder ? Just like Justin, I have tried everything. I reinstalled the Evernote app also but it just gives the same issues. Count and the actual number of notes visible are different and the notes are visible in Browser and Phone but not in windows app. Please help !!! And if I have to delete the Evernote folder. Anything , i should be keeping in mind or just delete the Evernote Folder that exist at "C:\Users \puneet" location. Thanks
  2. Got it. Thanks. Looking to see if there is a script possible using Evernote API.
  3. I have an excel which has dynamic data i.e. the number in cells which I have to refer to keep on changing. I have Notes in Evernote where I have to use the same numbers that are in a particular cell in excel. Is it possible to link the two so that when the data change in excel, it also change in Evernote?
  4. If I attach the Word Doc and change the Original Word Doc's Content, that gets changed in the evernote attachment too?
  5. Well, That's disappointing. In that case word remains the place to be then. Shame , I will miss the powerful search feature and tagging feature that I could have used across these 100s of reports.
  6. Hi, I create many reports in words which I was planning to shift to Evernote. In some of the reports, I use the "Insert Picture" feature of Word where one of the possibilities is to insert and link to an image file. This ensures that when I change the Image File, it also changes in the Word Report. I was wondering if that is possible in Evernote also. Can the Image be there in such a way that if I change the source image, it also changes in Evernote. ?
  7. I wrote to many of them. Still waiting to hear from them. Not sure what the reason is.
  8. Do we have a solution for this now? This is absolutely weird that I being in India cannot upgarde to Evernote Business and Cannot use Spaces.
  9. I have some websites which I have been reading for long but since now I am completely making Evernote as the digital brain, wanted to know if there is anyway to get a lot of past articles from the blogs / websites in a more efficient way than individually going to each article link and using web clipper.
  10. I agree, there are many use cases for which this limit creates issues. For example, If i am taking audio notes and video notes pertaining to a specific topic, I have to store it in multiple notes just because one note cannot incorporate more than 200 MB. Not only its a nuisance, it also interferes with the organisational structure.
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