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  1. Yes, stacks do appear however when I load the web version of Evernote it fails to sync the stacks I already have on desktop app. That's the real issue not that the web version doesn't support stacks. Because of the feature disparity across platforms, bugs and pretty bad experience in general I've had with Evernote I've decided to stop my subscription, just two weeks into my first month. It's not that I don't want to use it but in it's current state it doesn't work as supposed to nor provide the features I need
  2. It's the classical version. Looks like Evernote just doesn't support syncing stacks between devices which ultimately makes it a really hard sell for me
  3. Ok the ink messages are now visible but notebook stacks are still nowhere to be seen and all the messages are just thrown into one big mess. EDIT: I've found out how to create stacks in the web version. Simple drag and drop, maybe not so intuitive as the Evernote UX designer thought But I still can't sync stacks between desktop and web.
  4. I've started using Evernote about a month ago and right since the beginning I am facing two major issues. First of all, syncing seems to work really really dodgy between the desktop version on Windows [ (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)] and the web version. Even worse I haven't managed to sync a single ink message between those two because whatever I'd make in my desktop app the web app would simply display as a missing image icon 😯 The second issue I am having is that I can't find the option to display notebook stacks in the web version so all my notebooks are basi
  5. Yep. Font size and an incredibly small line height in the side bar is really a huge usability issue. Especially on huge screens where those letters are barely legible. Also, there is no way to customize stacks which, except the clicky triangle to open them, looks exactly like notebooks, tags etc. The Evernote UI design is really really lacking, at least on Windows.
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