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  1. I see the thread header updated to Fixed in Version 10.6. AWESOME!
  2. @Shane D.Any ETA on how much longer we have to workaround this behavior? Beyond frustrating when moving around notes to have this occur.
  3. Was just able to repro. Created a new folder in the desktop client. When I logged into the web client, the folder is not there. Back to the desktop client, I navigate to the new folder, that has notes, and the above message is received. I click the reload page button, navigate to All Notes, then back to new folder and able to see notes. New folder HAS NOT been created in the web client yet.
  4. Keep receiving the message below. Seems to happen when navigating between notebooks. Since there is a slight delay in the app, when doing bulk actions, I'm going to assume the API is being used in the desktop clients and perhaps, just a guess here, the API is timing out when doing some actions. I've found, when this occurs, if I navigate to the All Notes folder, then navigate to the folder that caused the message in the first place, then I am able to view the notebook. v 10.5.7 build 2171 public Editor: v114.1.14753 Service: v1.25.2
  5. Interesting conclusion. The device this happens on for me is a free account, but, I only access the account from a single machine. However, a few of the notebooks are shared to an account that is on multiple devices. That account is premium. I can test this out and remove sharing
  6. Better than OneNote how? Just curious what your perspective is on this statement. Many moons ago, I switched from OneNote to Evernote, back then OneNote did not sync to the cloud, Evernote did. Very simple reason to switch. Not that I've gone back to OneNote, but, I am using it for a very specific project to see what it is like as it has been so long. Definitely things in OneNote I really do like, such as the ability to place objects side by side with different formatting, can easily drag them anyplace in the note, I really like this. Then there are things I don't like, the UI, having to Open
  7. This is what I find frustrating as a long time Evernote users. WE put faith in Evernote and Ian. Heard the promise of updated applications, consistent experience across all apps. The launch of the "revamp" was introduced with a lot of fanfare. That fanfare has since sizzled and here we are with new issues that are not being addressed. It's very unfortunate and I'm torn honestly. I'm very passionate about Evernote and do recommend it to a lot of colleagues. But, I can I continue to recommend something that just doesn't work at the most basic level?
  8. I'm experiencing this behavior too. Seems to happen if the app has been open for a few days and the Mac has gone to sleep. Come back the next day and may not be able to start a new note, viewing an existing note, or opening a note it's in own windows. Quitting the app and starting again resolves the behavior. Does not happen everyday, but often enough.
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