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  1. I had a Samsung 5 Note Android, which I had installed Evernote, but then I changed phones...from a Samsung 5 Note Android to an LG V30 Thin Q Android. I was told by the Verizon rep that everything would be transferred without any problems. Well, that did not happen. Although my notes are still showing, every note is locked! All of the notes are "read-only" because "it was created in another app." Under the "Notebook," there is a box that includes a paperclip, along with the title/size of the file. When I click on it, a box appears with "No application found to open this attachment. Check apps on Google Play for supporting this content" followed by boxes for "Cancel" or "Launch." I can download it, but, when I click on the downloaded file, this message appears, "Can't open file." I also downloaded the Evernote app to my laptop. All of my notes transferred into it but are still locked! Since this has happened, I am able to make new notes, save and later return, open to revise and save again...no problem. It is just with all of the notes transferred from my old cell to my new cell. Help...please! My life is in Evernote!
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