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  1. Me neither, if you don't count copy pasting the URL to a browser, which will open Things just fine, just like practically any other application on a Mac does, besides Evernote. I left Evernote for Bear just recently, because of this and a lot of other bugs / annoyances. Bear does great, but obviously not an option for you because of collaboration. Maybe notion.so is worth a look though.
  2. To me this looks like a bug in Evernote (for Mac), rather than a mystery. I am having the exactly the same problem. And it's not only with Things (url: things:///...), but also for example with EagleFiler (x-eaglefiler://...) and other apps, which use this kind of URL schemes (not all of them though - bear://... links are pasted correctly). If I try to make this a link in Evernote, I also get the OK button greyed out, like the OP. If I just paste it into an Evernote note, it is not formatted as a link, thus cannot be clicked. Also exactly like the OP reports it. In all other apps I use this works perfectly fine though (Bear, Things, Apple Notes). Is there a way to officially report Evernote bugs? For me that is a serious constraint in using Evernote as my central knowledge and work organizing tool, because this involves linking to tasks and other apps.
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