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  1. Hi Gazumped, thanks for your reply - I found it helpful! I'm also suspecting it might be too complicated with SSO but will contact support anyways like you suggested. Wish you a nice rest of the week! Matti
  2. Hello, We are a company using G-Suite, and would like to switch to SSO with Evernote. Unfortunately it seems, that it cannot be enabled without enforcing it on all existing members immediately. That will not be an option for us, since there will never be a time when all the users are in the building at the same time, while they still need always access to out Evernote cloud. Is there any workaround to switch to SSO one-by-one per user? Thanks! Matti
  3. I was wondering, if there would be a way to forward this to the support/devs? Seems like a fairly easy thing to fix.
  4. Hi Sayre, thanks for your help and sorry for my slow response! So it seems we have exactly the same version, and that shouldn't be a problem. I'm also on Mojave. I will walk you through the steps so you get an idea of what exactly doesn't work: 1. Single-click on a Space on the left side bar. 2. Single-click on a triangle next to the title of a notebook to collapse it open. 3. Right-click on a note. You see the option to share a link. Pressing the alt key does nothing. This way it works though: 1. Single-click on a Space on the left side bar. 2. Double-click on any notebook to open it in a new window. 3. Right-click on a note. You see the option to share a link. Alt key reveals the classic link. So it seems to me like a bit of a bug, since there's really no good explanation why it works one way but not the other. Or what do you think?
  5. This works in Notebook-view, when accessing them from the sidebar. The classic link option doesn't work when in Spaces-view. You can try this yourself. Seems to me, it was left out by mistake.
  6. In our company, we use the evernote app, and hardly anyone ever accesses evernote via browser. Therefore we use the classic links to hyperlink notes. However, from the Spaces-view it's not possible to create classic links (internal links). From the notebook-view this is possible. Could this please be implemented? Cheers, Matti Lehtinen
  7. Our company would also appreciate it, if this function were added. We host our documentation for the coworkers on Evernote and would like to keep them in the order we choose, and let the coworkers arrange their other notebooks as they wish. This feature would be very helpful for us.
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