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  1. so I guess this topic has been up for a hundreds of times and I am sorry to be repetitive but I couldn't find any satisfying reply and I am getting a bit nuts with not being able to detect where the actual problem lies. So I opened a new notebook for work and have one handwritten note. I then added several pictures by taking photographs directly, which automatically merged into one note apparently, with the handwritten note. Now, duplication of the pictures works just fine, but I cannot select a single item and then delete it. Whatever I can choose is just to delete the whole note, which I definitely don't want. Also, when I want to separate the handwritten part from the rest of the "note", so the pictures, I can drag and drop it into the notebook, but instead of copying/duplicating it 1:1, it creates a .png which is totally different to enter and handle than the original note. I am working on an ipad pro second generation and it just doesn't come natural to me yet, so I am grateful for any support here.
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