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  1. Hi sir, Thanks for your help. My systems are all Windows. Now it works. Even though now I still don't know why my notes cannot be sync automatically, but clearing the database can help. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Gazumped, I can understand everything you told me, including the sync principle and sync button. But the problem still here. Now my situation is that I created note 1, 2, 3. Note 1 is the one that can't be sync. It's not sync yet. But note 2 and 3 that I created later are sync successful. And then, later on my third computer, I was able to sync the note 1. Maybe one day I need to uninstall my evernote and try again. Is there any other way to just delete the database and re-sync? Many thanks!
  3. So far, I am using three computers, a PC from company, a PC from home and a laptop. But the sync between these computers is often incorrect. It looks out of sync, like I am writing an artical off and on. Yesterday, I was doing it from PC_A and finish the sync. I can confirm the sync in the website version. However, I sync it in my PC_B today. Although it prompted me that it's complete, but I can't see anything new content in the article??? This has happened more then once! The last time I added a "space" on my PC_B, and the previous day's new contents were lost. :( I will be very appreciate if anyone could tell me how to force sync in the evernote.
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